(Serbia) President – Aleksandar Vučić, Prime Minister – Ana Brnabić

President – Aleksandar Vučić
What will a man give for his soul? What price will a man pay to live forever? Look to science and see who will live forever. Look to cards, soothsayers, and the elements of this world. I tell you, Aleksandar, you are walking an empty path, a blind alley in a foreign land. The perks that surround you are a noose, and it’s closing slowly around you and will choke what little is left. Buy from the tender mercies which you have snubbed. Those who turn up their nose at severe mercies do so to their own destruction. Let it not be said of you Aleksandar. I am convinced of more for you, but a hand extended does not stretch forever. You must reach as if you life depended upon it, for it does. Can a leopard change his spots? But with God anything is possible. Throw yourself upon the mercy, for I will not allow you to fall.

Prime Minister – Ana Brnabić
What you crave is not what you think. What you have sacrificed for will turn into gravel in your mouth. The bows are now hollow. Is that all there is? Is that all there is, you muse. You see the postures but know that their hearts are far from you. Suddenly you now know that. As the dawn of a new day, you have posed this question… What can I do to ensure loyalty? I tell you that you cannot buy it, cajole, require, or threaten. Only from the heart won comes fealty. Can you be loyal? “Been there, done that! you exclaim. But really, in your heart you know that the place you now sit was the target of your heart. And now, the hollowness echoes in your soul. An effete land, bereft of beauty is the end result. A desolate heart is one without a true fealty to the true Lord. And you know the answer before the question is posed. “could it be, really be?” you ask. Yes, and more than you dare imagine. The old wives’ tales are not without substance, because young stupid women become old wives through suffering. It’s the same old story. Wisdom gained through bitter experience is wisdom indeed. It’s ice you can walk on, bones you can stand with, and sinew that endures. Look up therefore, for your redemption draws close. Whosoever will call on the name of The Lord will be saved.

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(Senegal) President- Macky Sall, Prime Minister Mohammed Dionne

President: Macky Sall
All hail! they say. That’s what you wanted to hear, right? There will come a time when that phrase will be a clashing cymbal to your ears, but for now it rings true. And, that’s enough for this time. Slowly, ever so slowly the truth will dawn in your heart as the sun rises in the east. The darkness will slowly give way to a lighter color, and then the change begins in earnest. I tell you that the sun in all it’s glory and splendor is about to break the horizon. Go quickly to the apothecary and buy eye salve, lest your eyes melt in their sockets. Do you know his whereabouts? Ask your uncle or auntie, for they are appointed to tell you the truth. No one else will, but they have been called for such a time as this and they will be faithful in all their ways before me. Much hangs in the balance, but I give you a ready answer if you will.

Prime Minister: Mohammed Dionne
A hardened neck will be destroyed suddenly, and that without remedy. The mortar and pestle are prepared in vain, for foolishness will not be separated even when ground into powder. Heat is coming, and it’s a severe mercy, for enough heat will change the elements. I baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire. The fire will winnow and it’s necessary. There is a fire not meant to purify, and perdition’s mouth opens wide indeed. True terror is falling into the hands of the living God. Eyes that see truly, words spoken truly… no shadow of turning. Now, straighten up like a man. I will require you to stand and face me. This is for your own mercy, for no one has permission to tell you the truth. A standing declaration of faith has been offered up and must be answered. I will come to you soon and we will talk.

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Queen Elizabeth II, approaching her 91st birthday

A true mum is a mum indeed.That which rejoices a mum’s heart is a sidestep of petty jealousies, for it is written: “A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth; and a word spoken in due season, how good is it!” Consider Abigail, who gave an apt response of gratitude and deferred the wrath of the King. Close counsel to the man after God’s heart was her reward. Receive therefore a word in due season this day, for your heartfelt prayer to be a Proverbs 31 woman, that you whispered to me years ago, was not unnoticed and I tell you that as the years since have sometimes felt like a mere heartbeat, I assure you that in my eyes your price is far above rubies. Is it too much for you? Take your pen and a tablet next quiet time and write the vision I give you, make it plain, for some must run with it who will read it. It will not tarry though some may wish it, for there are times and seasons that come and go, but now is a distinct time of fulfillment that must not be deferred. Many years, tears, and sighs have been stored up and are now released for the fruition of heartfelt dreams. It is written, “hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes it is a tree of life.” The realm is not a sapling, but is an oak that will leaf out again.

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{Saudi Arabia} : King and Prime Minister – Salman

Well, you have consolidated your power, launched new people and projects, and are moving forward. It is written, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.” What are you doing? Do you know? Now I will show you a mystery: The lion yawns, stretches, walks abroad to survey pride, eats, and goes back to sleep. Beware when they say, “peace, peace,” for sudden destruction will doubtless come. What is the remedy? It is written, “A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands… so shall your poverty come upon you like an armed man.” Again, it is written, “a man who has no control of his spirit is like a city without walls.” What you have will not be controlled by sleep and ease. What you think you have can be taken in an instant. Buy precious oil from the sellers of oil. I will send them to you, but they will not look and sound like what you expect. You will desire their heads, but I tell you that this will doom you, should you act upon it. Born of love I come to you.

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(São Tomé and Príncipe) President – Evaristo Carvalho

President – Evaristo Carvalho

Milk is collected in the mornings and taken away. It’s collected in the evenings and stored for making products. Will you be taken away, or stored. The signs and seasons are upon you and now you know not what to do. Two opinions vie for you, your life, and love. You cannot serve two masters, and that you know. If you don’t decide, you have reckoned yourself a dead man, for the body of death is actively spreading throughout your members. Only a live fish can swim against a current, and I tell you that it’s time to choose. Your many aunties have surrounded you, they pull you and you resist. I tell you that Pilate’s wife tried to prevail to life but he feared man too much to choose life. How about you? Who must you please? Do they care? Look, the balances have been prepared and you are in them.

Prime Minister – Patrice Trovoada

A man of pride was your mentor, but you purposed to retain another spirit. Now, you find yourself ankle deep in mire and can scarcely lift your foot. “I had no idea,” you say. Without the weight, you are spirited, winsome, and gay. Now, you have the burden, the hooks, the goads, and the wind as your companions. Don’t you deserve a break? No one understands you, so you must watch out for yourself, you say. Now, I tell you that you are more than the sum of your offices and official duties. Do you fill the garment, or does the garment make you? The fashion of the day is an anchor to your heart, a heavy burden, grievous to be borne. Now, I come to show you a better way. I will visit you as when you were a girl child. Remember playing house? Remember making dirt cakes? Remember your playmates of innocence? I have a comforter for you. I have a Way for you. You were touched by my Way when you wore white dresses and sang with believers. The old woman who touched your cheek and said “higher, higher Lord,” was my servant. I called her to call you, and now you have been dragged lower. I tell you that the scriptures say, whosoever humbles himself will be exalted. Now, humble yourself under my hand, for I will take you higher yet. There is great need for those who sit in low places, and I tell you to lift them when I lift you higher.

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(San Marino) Captain Regent[ι] – Enrico Carattoni

Captain Regent[ι] – Enrico Carattoni

Look at the sea and consider. Waves and tides ebb and flow. Your life has had an ebb and flow. Now, the tide is out and you wonder at the things that were underwater that are now visible. In the light of the sun, some things wither. What is withering in you now, and is there a remedy? The reins of power can be wrested or passed on. What will it be for you? You feel off the radar, and rightly so, but the eyes of the Lord have run to and fro. They have alighted upon you Enrico, and your heart is being pondered. Is it weighed in the balance and found wanting? If so, you can bare it to me and I will fill it with light, and I tell you that my light has an eternal weight of glory. The heaviness that will come from my glory will save you. Don’t you think it’s about time?

Captain Regent[ι] – Matteo Fiorini

Matteo, it is written that many that are first will be last and many last will be first. Up is down, high is low, wealth is dispensed through open hands. What you have trusted in and relied upon is mere sand in the hour glass of time. Behold a mystery: consider the sponge who, full of holes, retains much water. I want your life to be full of holes so that I may squeeze it and dispense to those who lack. I tell you that what is poured back into you will be so much that you’ll drip with substance. Look to the albatross who, though ungainly, will ride winds for hours and cover long distances. Will you be pleased to cover long distances or will you remain land bound and unfruitful? Can it be that your wildest dreams will be fulfilled in your latter years. I tell you that the latter rain will fill you if you are empty. Empty yourself therefore and I will fill you. I will pour new wine into your wine skin.

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(Samoa) O le Ao o le Malo – Va’aletoa Sualauvi II, Prime Minister – Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi

O le Ao o le Malo – Va’aletoa Sualauvi II

You rose from the people, and into the people you will descend. I rise in the heart, and your heart must fall into me says the Lord. Out of the oceans, the masses, I will rise. The hearts of men will vibrate with mine, just as your heart vibrates with the sea and waves. But, the sea and waves are not me. The winds and trees are not me. I can be found in the visitations of your night seasons, your night sweats, your night terrors. Do you know the terror of the Lord? Do you know the fear of the most holy? I want you to stand and speak to me, for I will speak with you face to face. I will talk, warrior to warrior. We will speak as friends, for I will put into your heart the heart of friendship. Those ancestors of yours that ate humans did so from darkness. I am the light, and I come to you as the sun in its fullness of the morning. I come to you as the bright one that you have yearned for and want to be. I come to you now as the one you have yearned for, and now is the time for you to rise. To rise, you must go low. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God therefore.

Prime Minister – Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi

The blast of the wind from a typhoon is what you will experience. It is the breath of my Spirit that is now sweeping over your island. Do you know that I, even I will come to you as a rushing mighty wind. I will fill you with my Spirit as in the beginning. I will speak to you with stammering lips and men of another tongue. I will show signs in the sky. I will show great signs in the sea. You will see the fish of the sea become a sign and wonder. Can you see it? Can you hear it? Can you feel it? I call Samoa now… wayfarers, to go to vast nations with the message of the islands, for I call the islands to bear witness for me. I call the islands to move abroad, to leave your beautiful shores, to show forth my love to the ancient lands. They will view you as a curiosity, but I tell you that I will blow through you into their hearts. I will disarm their walls and I will overwhelm them with my love. You are my irresistible force, for no immovable object will withstand me in that day. He that hardens his neck will be destroyed, and that suddenly. It’s your job to give what I do through you. You will be blessed and will inherit the nations.

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(Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) Governor-General – Sir Frederick Ballantyne, Prime Minister – Ralph Gonsalves

Governor-General – Sir Frederick Ballantyne
“Districts, district are waiting,” they exclaim in the streets. Rabble clamor for more, yet will not so much as lift their hand full of food to their mouth. Yet, I show you a more excellent way and people. Seek out the ones who have no advocate, no status, no hope, and no heritage. I tell you that I will make of them a people. More than a clan or kindred, I will make of them a people. You have hated this thought, but where is your heritage? Where did they come from? Bludgeons and pitch forks were their voices, but they never quit. Search the archives and see. Now, I will make of you an archive, if you will. Will you lead such a company? My company were of such, and I poured out my life for them, I spared not. Empty yourself then, for what do you really have? Pour yourself out as a drink offering so that you will have room to contain me when I pour out to you. It’s foreign ground because it’s holy ground. It will never be common, but I will have you commonly frequent it.

Prime Minister – Ralph Gonsalves
What of your skin? Do you have skin in the game. Have you lost blood in the cause? Have you been lean of soul on behalf of others? Will ease ravish you of your manhood? You know of blood enough on the pitch. Your calling, however, is a different pitch. Your mates will be a different bunch, but with like passions. Need for direction, camaraderie, struggle, grief, and achievement are what you must strive for. “What does it all really amount to?” you query. I tell you that Elijah was a man of like passions as you, yet he prayed and it rained not for over three years, prayed again and rain came in abundance. What rain is needful, and will it be former and latter? Will my rain fall upon ground that is fallow, or broken up? Break up the fallow ground with your blood and tears… extend yourself for the people. Seek out the women who still weep and old men who totter, yet stand. The “old boys” will not steer you wrong, your ship will not go awry, and your final days will be a legacy.

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(St. Lucia) Governor-General – Sir Neville Cenac, Prime Minister – Allen Chastanet

Governor-General – Sir Neville Cenac

“Sir Neville, Sir Neville!” has been exclaimed and noised abroad. “For he’s a jolly good fellow” has rung in many a celebration. What has brought you to this place? When you lie in bed, breathe easily… when dreams come to you for you to ponder, and candid conversations with beloved chums have occurred, you know the truth. We both know it. The occasional words of a vicar have sunk to the bone. As the quills of a porcupine move deeper in flesh, as goads fasten and resist removal, how is it that you kick against the pricks. Mercies they are, for The Way is worthy of all you hold dear and then some. You cannot catch the wind without a sail. Set sail Sir Neville, for the wind of God is blowing and will take you to where you cannot easily go. Now, a sign for you. Not many days from now, an old school chum will come back into your life. He has passed by unnoticed but now emerges. As you engage him, he will come clean, bare his soul, and talk of the words of life that have guided him back from the dead. Look into his eyes, for the windows to heaven are small, but the words of life you will hear from him are road enough for you. Come and walk with me. We will talk of life, of love, mirth, and destiny. Most of all, dear to you by the way, will be legacy. That which you so greatly pine for will unfold in a unique way that befuddles common conventions.

Prime Minister – Allen Chastanet
Is the scepter weighty, and do envy the accolades that come to one who commands popularity, yet does not shoulder a load equally? I tell you, do not compare yourself among yourselves, for I say to one come and he comes, to another go, and he goes. If it was so with me, and the joy of the cross was the payment, remember that a servant is not above his master. If they have hated me, they will hate you also. But I will speak of better days, of weighty matters, and of the joy set before you. What will the islands say when they appear before me? They will say what you say. And what do you say? Take care, for out of the abundance of a man’s heart, he speaks. By your words you will be acquitted, by your words you will be condemned. Give a right and brave confession therefore. Stand up as a man, speak truth, and watch my sheep follow.

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(Nevis & St. Kitts) Governor-General – Sir Tapley Seaton, Prime Minister – Timothy Harris

Sir Tapley Seaton
When you lick your finger and lightly touch an iron, you are not burned. You hear the sound but suffer no ill effect. In the same way you can extinguish a candle’s flame. How much easier if you use a snuffer which is fitted for the use. Can you use the flat side of a wrench for a hammer? Can you use pliers to grip a hex nut? Can a frying pan be used for a stew? All these and more are not comely nor expedient. Some protest for convenience or a quick fix. It is written, “as a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman without discretion.” All this and more is for you to ponder. Come to me, says God, and we’ll plumb the depths of wisdom together. We’ll work out everything in its time and season. The answers are comely and timely. Your people look to the horizon, test and smell the wind, and watch the currents. Old men will tell you what’s coming, and old women will tell you what’s up. Do not be brusque, hold your peace and learn from my humble servants. So shall you be established, so shall you flourish.

Prime Minister – Timothy Harris
Licking your finger to extend and test the wind is unnecessary, for the growing breeze and mounting tempest are all you need note. Only a fool wonders in a hurricane. A wise man sees evil and passes on. Seek therefore the principal thing. Search and pine for her, for wisdom is not fickle but will note your pure heart’s cry and provide succor. The wringing of the nose produces blood, and the passing on of gossip brings ruin. Hold your peace, for it is written, “even a fool when he is silent, people will think him wise.” Let those who wag the finger and head, let those whose mouth is an open tomb pass by, for you will remain unscathed if you embrace righteousness that is from above. Be easily entreated, quick to relent and show mercy, and love your people as I do.

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(Rwanda) President – Paul Kagame[α] Prime Minister – Edouard Ngirente

President – Paul Kagame[α]
Teeth as white as snow, skin as black as night. You are precious to me, always have been, always will be. Your ascension was as the dew arising in the morning, yet it was violent. Let’s reason together, for blood on the hands is not befitting you, and the blood cries out to me, the righteous judge over all the earth. Widows wept, children cried, plots were hatched, revenge was vowed, and the earth continued to move in the heavens. I am going to visit you with a spirit of remorse. You cannot weep in front of many, but alone and then with one confidant I will visit you and you shall enter into bitterness and remorse. You must taste this, and you must drink this cup, for it is mingled from the voices of many wronged ones. If you partake and allow it to digest, I will guide your path. The path is called “restitution.” It is clean, clear, open-eyed, and comely. It is a path I will personally walk you through, and your end will end well. You will finish your course, your legacy will not be a hissing, and your people will begin to flourish. Like the bright birds of the forest, they will nest in safety and produce heirs. The sounds of life will teem again, and your nation will emerge from darkness… darkness as black as your skin. Darkness that is as black as a moonless night. If you will arise with me clean, it will be as the Daystar arising in your heart. If you will allow my messengers to come with my message, if you will permit the people to hear, I tell you that the tide will flow in, your ship of state will rise, my wind will blow, and ancient hatreds will become a distant memory on a distant shore. All this is my will, and I’m calling you to embrace it.

Prime Minister – Edouard Ngirente
I will tell you now what it means to be a second fiddle. If the note is single, where is the harmony? If the ship is weighted on one side only, the waves will fill and swamp the vessel. If a virtuoso plays alone, there is nothing contrapuntal. Do not think that your doom is sealed in this endeavor, for I have dispatched messengers with flaming swords and impenetrable shields to keep you in all your ways. What are your ways? My ways are higher than your ways, my thoughts higher than your thoughts, and I mean to lift you out of the cacophony of advisers and sycophants that have latched onto you. This entourage will drain you and you will wane under their collective weight. I am bringing a helper, a confidant, a faithful one to your side. This one is from old days, days when you sat on knees and heard songs from the heart. I will build again the old waste places in your heart, and the altar that lies in ruins, I will set in array. This will be done in secret, and I who see in secret will reward you openly. Clean hearts are precious to me, and I aim for white as snow instead of a scarlet one. I aim for straight paths, high ones, where the asp does not dwell nor strike, neither does the lion devour. This is the time, and I do not say that it lasts forever… it is written, “today if you will hear his voice…” The day of provocation in the wilderness is the undoing of many and defiles to the uttermost. Widows and orphans await your emerging, as do I, says the Lord.

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(Russia) Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin; Premier-Dmitriy Anatolyevich Medvedev

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
You were marked for leadership… bullets have missed you, plots have fallen short of you, adversaries have fallen away. It is written, “To whom much is given, much is required.” What legacy will you leave that will stand by former leaders of your motherland? This question haunts you at night, like a mother bear robbed of her whelps. It will end well, or it will not end well. The choice is yours actually. I have a witness for you from a greater king, dew of heaven was upon him, but he was out of his mind. When his season ended, he saw the truth and spoke. I come to you now, in a dream, a night vision when you lie upon your bed. You look at the Northern Lights, you see them move as a curtain. As they move to you, they envelope you and you are covered with light. You cannot move or speak… you lie as one dead. Beings of light emerge to bend over you… they are my servants, my messengers, and the words they speak to you are from the Lord of Hosts. Prayers of your grandmother are stored in heaven, and now they are poured out as a severe mercy. The ground shifts under you, opens up as a chasm. You hover and do not fall, for my messengers bear you up. This is your life, and you must trust or fall. It’s time… the leader of my country has prayed for you and I have heard his supplication.

How can I speak more clearly to you? What words can I say? If there were any way that I could express my care for you, I would. Now I say again to you from another source in a far away place, today is your day of salvation, now is the appointed time, place, and season. This is that which many have seen and heard, so do not be hard, don’t be a man that turns his back on his heart. Your mother suffered in silence in your presence and before your father, but her silence was not heard in heaven. I have her tears as a memorial, and it has come before me now. I dispatch messengers to pursue you. There is no hiding place, for I will pursue to the deepest places. Do you want rest and peace? Capitulate to the relentless love. Will you have silent times? Surrender. It is no shame. The only shame worth mentioning is the shame of “no.” This answer is unbearable, and will crush you if you let it. I have better for you, so give up, give in, give way, for I am the WAY.

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(Romania) President – Traian Basescu; Prime Minister – Victor-Viorel Ponta

President – Traian Basescu
What can be done? You are between a rock and a hard place. You hope that the hard place is maleable, or has semi-substance. What you are looking at, the hard place, is public opinion, and although it is subject to the vagaries of circumstance, it can be manipulated. That is your problem, because you have massaged it too often, and now their neck is hardened and will be your undoing. What of the rock? It’s me, the Rock of Ages. It is written, if you fall on the rock, you’ll be broken, but if you don’t, the rock will fall on you and grind you to powder. And what is this brokenness, you wonder? I am a man of sorrows, and my heart was broken, yet I live forevermore. Will you choose brokenness and live with me forever, or will you be crushed by public opinion? I give you counsel today, choose life.

Prime Minister – Victor-Viorel Ponta
Victor, Victor, Victor! Rise up from the grave and come forth! Come forth! The beautiful Romanian people, with broad and shining foreheads await their rising. They await you. They are standing, multitudes are standing. They shift their weight back and forth in rhythm. They await their song so that they can move in unison, as a beautiful bride dances with her groom. Look, look at the traditional Romanian song and dance. It’s a choreography of life and love, and I tell you that your people will not long endure an idle shuffle. I tell you that they will move, with you or without you. They will not endure being goats, for they are the sheep of my pasture and will follow the good shepherd. Will you follow the good shepherd? Will you come out and let them remove your grave clothes? Even one raised from the dead must choose to follow the voice that called them back. Now is the appointed day, the appointed hour, the precise time. Let the nation see your rising, for the Day Star cannot be hidden. The heart cannot contain it, but will follow it to the sides of the North, the city of the great King.

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(Qatar) Amir-Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani; Prime Minister – Abdallah Bin Nasir Bin Khalifa Al Thani

Amir-Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani; Prime Minister
You are on a train, travelling to you know not where. The tracks have been laid long ago, the coaches are linked together securely, and the engine is reliable. Occasionally you come upon a spur, but the switchman who does your bidding simply waves as you go by. The appearance of progress is tangible, and you repose in the dining car in ease. I tell you that the bridge is out ahead. You ride at your peril, and destruction is imminent. Dozens of trains lie at the bottom of the chasm, but you don’t know it. Out of mercy now, I send a dream to you. You will see a fatted kid goat, much like the fatted calf… well prepared. It’s halal, and meant for a family celebration. It will be killed and summarily thrown on a rubbish heap. The guests will celebrate the loss, turn to you and exclaim, “You’re next.” You will awake in a night sweat. You have few spurs left to where you will find escape. Amiable switchmen await your bidding. Today is the day of salvation. Heed my voice and live.

Abdallah Bin Nasir Bin Khalifa Al Thani
Armed men do your bidding. Soldiers of nations march, collaborate, and go forth. They are trained, honed knives, poised to strike at the commander’s voice. As you know, a mad dog seldom turns on it’s master. However, a
plot thickens, much like a soup. Will a general abide a lazy civilian forever? Will a man of action acquiesce forever. As long as he is pacified, women, power, and respect… his fealty is assured. I tell you a different wind is blowing. Behold a camel with three humps. Look at how it moves. The middle hump syncopates with the other two. In one moment you are amused, but also revulsed. What shall I say to you? Will you put aside your own reaction and seek counsel? Buy of me wisdom, for I tell you that you must ride this beast; your journey is long and a natural camel will perish in the length of the path to where I call you. I have guardians for your way… flaming spirits from which evil cowers. The destination is hidden, you cannot bear it yet, but in the going you will be hardened and prepared for the revealing. I tell you that much hangs in the balance, men and women and children… to say nothing of nations. It’s your calling and you will not shirk it. In the obedience you will meet me, understand your mortality, and bend your knee. Salvation is of the Lord.

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