(Suriname) President – Dési Bouterse

President – Dési Bouterse
You rage silently, who knows us? Who knows we exist? Who cares, and what must I do to get the recognition due our people and name? I the everlasting Lord tell you this day that I know you. Your names are written in my books and the palms of my hands. They were pierced for my joy over you, and soon you will have more attention that what you can imagine or think. The resources under your feet are craved by the world. The permission you gave for exploration will yield untold riches, but they will be your undoing and destruction if you waver. If you mean to consume wealth on your own lusts and to make up for past snubs, you will die. I tell you that many powerful ones are already rubbing their hands and salivating before they feast on your flesh. “I forgot my teachers and I have entered foolishly into destruction” will be your lament. But, be of good cheer, for I have provided a way of escape. For one of my names is “The Way.” You have several NGO’s who have a heart for you and your people… attach yourself to them for they do my work. Widows and orphans are close to my heart and I am rewarding them for their faithfulness. They are allies and brothers who are not your brothers. Look past the skin and the kin. I am bringing a band to you that will to do my will… you are included. Hide yourself now in the caves of silence so that I can speak to you. Seek hearty council from those who keep close council with me, says The Lord. I am the chief of chiefs and you will do well to come to me alone.

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(Sudan) President – Omar al-Bashir[α] Prime Minister – Bakri Hassan Saleh

President – Umar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir
Underneath your feet is more than you imagine. You stand on the sands of time. Blood in the sand cries out to me. The King of Babylon had feet mingled with clay. You are of the earth, and you have sand as your inheritance. Glass is formed from sand, and I mold today a glass for you to gaze into. Look now at yourself and what do you see? Look for me, the Ancient of Days and what do you see? Do you see a shepherd… yes and more. Do you see a Lord? If so, you see clearly, and now what will you do? Do you hear me calling? I am calling you because of my great love for you and I do not want the spilled blood to be on your hands, nor the cries of widows to be laid at you feet.

Prime Minister – Bakri Hassan Saleh
What you hear whispered on the wind is my voice. At night, in the coolest time, I come to you. Seven nights you will be awakened, and I will speak… man to man I will tell you what you have and have not done, what you are and are not doing, and what I want you to and not to do. I do this out of compassion, for you are surrounded by those who speak out of the sides of their mouths. Their hearts are far from you and you have no counselor whom you trust. Plots and lies swirl like a storm in the desert. You cannot see and can scarcely breathe. I am your only oasis. I am your only source of water and food. You have searched and felt after me without knowing me. Now I reveal myself to you through your heart, and through your sister. She has met me and hides in fear to reveal who she knows. Bring no reprisal to her when she shares, because it is out of love and respect that she will speak. She does not covet your position or power, but I have called her to deliver manna of life to you, for you cannot trust anyone else at this time. The sands of time in the hourglass of your life are opaque to you, but I tell you that the hour is late and today is the day of salvation.

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(Sri Lanka) President – Maithripala Sirisena[α], Prime Minister – Ranil Wickremesinghe

President – Maithripala Sirisena[α]

Wear a coat in the summer. Do not spare, for you will not sweat. Where I am taking you, it is required. Tails will be good, for the formality is as thick as pudding, but what you wear is your knife. If I call you to step forth into a den of thieves, there is at times honor among thieves. You will be dressed for the occasion, and I do not say to become one of them. Do not run with them, but there is an honor for decorum and wisdom needs no justification. Flee youthful lusts, do not desire their dainties, and exercise control over your spirit, for you are a city without walls if you do not possess it. Armed men are looking for breeches… much more for open plains. It is written, even a fool when he is silent, people will think him wise. Therefore, let your yea be yea and nay be nay. All else is sin before me and man. Now you are clothed, now you are prepared, you are to be as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Great commerce is poised before you and your people, and you are digging the canal that I will fill.

Prime Minister – Ranil Wickremesinghe

Waves are washing over your gunnels for the wind is contrary, but your scuppers are plugged and you’re taking on water. You’ll founder in the midst of the storm unless you free up the flow. Precious, precious to me is your cargo, and unless you order the good mates to heave to and remove the impediments, all will be lost. “What are the impediments” you say. I thought you’d never ask. Do justice for widows and orphans which you have aplenty. Their crying has reached heaven and I will come to help them in their distress. If you will not, your time is finished, for I have others who will do my bidding and show compassion. Those below who gamble away their lives and dissipate their strength on harlots must be removed. You cannot afford lechery and slackness aboard such a time as this. The winds of destiny are blowing, and they are clashing over you in the sky. The vying for men and nations is upon you, and a flinch or blink at the wrong time can cause deliverance to pass you by… to the destruction of many. Stand up and face the wind. Don’t be a sissy, take the spray and cold opinions of men and set your face like flint. Opposition will melt for they cannot withstand my purpose within you on behalf of your people. It’s not about you, it’s all about them. I will have compassion, and you can do as you will, or do as I will. Life or destruction are in your balances. Do not be found wanting.

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(Spain) King – Felipe VI, President of the Government – Mariano Rajoy

King – Felipe VI
Kings come and kings go, I raise one up and bring another low. Here you are with many years, and you are stepping into the balances. The desires of your people, the destiny of your nation are in the balance. You are opposite. If you’re willing, I will help you and uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness. You will see my desires for the people fulfilled, and I, the King of Kings, will be glorified and full of joy to see them prosper. I am drawing you into covenant with me, not formalities, but man to man. We must talk as men for there is an enemy that wants to destroy the people and enslave them… it is the goat that wants your nation to join his herd. Will it be sheep or goats? Remember, I am the good shepherd.

President of the Government – Mariano Rajoy
Roots work first. They push down, deep, to bring up nutrients… for as you go, so goes the nation. If you will embrace the obscurity and limelight, I will establish you and cause you to flourish in your calling. Not many will know, but I know. And, you know… that’s enough. All that supports the flower which one day blooms and then passes away is the true plant. We celebrate the flower, but wise ones know that it’s the plant that abides. You know that pruning goes with the territory, and that you cannot shrink back from it. More fruit is the result, and really, withering and dead wood is an encumbrance that weighs heavily on the living. Here I come again, and you can rejoice in the husbandman’s ministry.

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(South Sudan) President – Salva Kiir Mayardit

President – Salva Kiir Mayardit

Salva Salva, your zeal has thrust you into this place. But it is written, “It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way. (Prov. 19:2 NIV) It is written of me, Issa, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father except by me.” (John 14:6) Your zeal for the right way has come before me, and I am sending laborers to help you. You can expect dreams in the night, words from family, words from trusted sources, and signs from unusual places and circumstances. All this is carried to you because of my unfailing love for you. Though this may seem foreign to you, yet it is what your heart of heart craves. I tell you that the acceptance of this word will mean your death, but be of good cheer for I have overcome death, hell, and the grave. And what is your life? It is as the grass that one day blooms and then withers and passes. “He that believes in me, though he dies, yet shall he live.” I have everlasting habitations for you that far eclipse what you have now, and which has failed to fulfill. Come!

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(South Korea) President – Moon Jae-in[α], Prime Minister – Lee Nak-yeon

President – Moon Jae-in[α]
The moon is reflected light, and serves for light in the darkness. The times and seasons are marked by new moons. Now is the appointed season for you, for you are a new moon rising. I call you a harvest moon, for a time of in-gathering is here. Reapers are sent forth because of your rising, and great rejoicing is underway. It’s a bumper crop that’s coming and the sheaves will fill my storehouses. The celebration in heaven will redound on earth. That which has been longed for on calloused knees will bring great joy, relief, and rest. Those things that have been reserved for the end of time will sparkle and amaze. The wine I am pouring out is the best that has been saved for last. Finales are finales and I tell you that the part you are playing is the reserved spot from times of old. The peninsula that you govern is surrounded by water, and there are waters in the firmament that have been reserved for this event. I call you a “water feature,” and the rest you will bring signifies a sabbath from rancor. A catalyst foments a chemical event, yet remains unchanged and unscathed. Not only are the women of your family called of me, but the men also. A congealing of my Spirit in your bloodline has brought about this day. Arise and be blessed. Let all the nations be blessed and shout aloud with joy at your rising.

Prime Minister – Lee Nak-yeon

Who can live without a second fiddle? What we see lifted up is supported by no less than what can be counted on to lend true support. For is the support fails, all the wreckage is wreckage indeed. A picture is framed, a runner runs a course, and a meal is served on dinnerware. You are not despised, negated, or minimized. And your glory is to lend glory. A storehouse is not an end in itself, but provides safe harbor for that which is precious. It is written, “A faithful man, who can find?” I have found you. You were almost lost before, but I preserved you, strengthened you, and formed you for this time. A child is knit in secret but is then birthed for all to see. I knit you in secret but now is the time. Your support will not go unnoticed, and I who am in the secret place… the one sought by the desiring ones, I will be found by you and my reward is open.

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(South Africa) President – Cyril Ramaphosa

President – Cyril Ramaphosa
You were a dandy to some and reviled because of your pedigree, but there is also a dark side that is secretive and reclusive. In you there are two warring factions. It is written that a man cannot serve two masters, and you have tried to do that. I the Lord am light and in me there is no darkness at all. Bring yourself and your deeds to the light, for if I do not winnow you, there will be a shaking that will leave you undone. Furious men crave power and your face tells them that you are weak. You cannot, however, embrace their rage for it’s not in you. Since you prefer quietness, come to me for I will give you wisdom and courage to rule well. You have walked to the end of the footsteps you have had to follow, and the shoes you wear you could never fill. You must become your own man, and I will do this with you if you’re willing.

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(Somalia) President – Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, Prime Minister – Hassan Ali Khayre

President – Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

Look from your bubble. Outside are real people, dirty, hungry, bleeding, and dying. Can you hear them? I can, says the one God. Do you know that I am filled with compassion? Let me tell you again… I am filled with compassion. I lift the widow, the orphan, the homeless, the forgotten. I embrace the ugly, the smelly, and the odious. If by any means I may win some, I break the will and bone with kindness. I bend the stiff ones with grace. I lift the humble but resist the proud. Once more, I the everlasting and only God tell you, Mohammed, I love the unlovable. Even those who sit, protected and smug, proud and haughty, wealthy due to unjust gain gathered from the blood of the helpless. What will I have to say to those who garner wealth at the expense of misery heaped upon others? Will I, the righteous judge let judgement slide forever? No, you say. You have answered well. Now this I tell you one more time… I have great compassion on the crushed ones. What will you do now? And what will you say if you don’t.

Prime Minister – Hassan Ali Khayre

The cries of bereft family members touched you before when tragedy struck your home. The loss of loved ones touched your young soul deeply, and though some pressure to be severe has made inroads into your heart, yet you remain touchable. I am easily touched with the infirmities of others, and you, in a measure, are too. It is not enough, but it’s a start. I will begin to create a spot in your heart that becomes flesh. The stony heart will be replaced, because it’s my good pleasure. The comings and goings from ancient times will arise as your portion, for the Ancient of Days is on your trail. Look to the East, for the Daystar is bright. I will send a sign to you so that you may heel to and surrender… One of your family will be saved. They will confide their faith in Issa at great peril. Much hangs in the balance because of your answer. You are in the balances. Eternity for many hangs in the balance, and your heart is naked and beating in your hands. Will the blood of others be laid at your feet? Rise up and do what is right, that it may be well with you and your kin.

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(Solomon Islands) Governor-General – Sir Frank Kabui

Governor-General – Sir Frank Kabui

Hi Frank, I have something to say that will bless you. Come up here to a higher place. This place is in the heavenly places, and it’s where your true passions lie. You read about and pondered the classic literature and wondered whether it is a true representation. It is, but not nearly enough… it’s even more, and better. I will draw you near now, and as you call upon my name once again, I will be pleased to answer. Eye has not really seen, nor ear really heard what I have prepared for those who love me, but now I reveal them to you by my Spirit. This time you will say, “it’s enough.” Welcome home dear Frank.

Prime Minister – Rick Houenipwela

I’ve got your back. I’m in front. Let’s row as a team. Feel the rhythm and smell the waves. This is my partnership I offer you. I come to you as a friend and a brother. I have a parentage for you that is ancient. It’s more ancient than the lore of the sea that you heard your grandfather tell about. What lies beneath the surface is depth. I want you out of your depth, for only then will you truly trust in me. The people need you, and you need me Rick. As the birds that return from the sea to nest, you have returned. You are in your nest, only do not make a false nest, for other birds want you to hatch their eggs. I have formed you for this day. Watch over what you have been entrusted with. Visit the ancient church, kneel down at the ancient altar, and offer yourself again. Promises offered in your youth were promises indeed, and I will support you now. I never left, but now I am here in a new season, for you have need of more of me. Your charge is holy, and I am holy. Let’s row together, Rick.

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(Slovenia) President – Borut Pahor Prime Minister – Miro Cerar

President – Borut Pahor

What do you think you are doing? Do you imagine that you are in control? Many who have gone before you have thought so, but the reason you have great consternation now is because I love you so greatly. The night sweats, the panic attacks, the stammering in sentences have come upon you because it is your appointed time. Did you think the end of the world would come upon you? Did you know that there was a reckoning approaching? Well, it is here and I give you a ready answer if you care to know it. Or, if you will face eternity alone, that is your choice too. I give you hearty, loving counsel now. I tell you to buy bread and wine. Sit in a plaza and consider life. It’s a vapor. What you think you have, you do not have. What you yearn for is greater than your ability to obtain. So what to do? Kneel down now and let’s talk as men. You have need of a savior, and I am the savior. It’s simple. It is written, whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. Now, do that. You will not be sorry.

Prime Minister – Miro Cerar

As people bustle past you, running their errands, being about their charges, I tell you to listen and observe. Few get this chance that I am providing, for not many noble, not many rich, not many well placed will have many moments of true clarity. If I told you how many have sought me on your behalf, you would be incredulous. You know that not many are enamored of your policies, and even fewer care to be with you. You have shrugged and counted it the high price of office… the lonely post to which you are called. These thoughts to not tend to plenty, but penury instead. Leanness of soul stalks you as a relentless hound, and he will pounce when you least expect it. But, this moment of true clarity has been purchased; it’s a free gift, but not cheap. Now that you see your visage, much like the picture of Dorian Gray, what do you think?
Most men imagine themselves as robust, even though the ravages of time has eroded their bodies. Yet, the leanness of soul when fully viewed will often drive a man mad. Remember the old tale of Scrooge? What was the new course he set? Will you do the same? Will you change your heart? Bring true fruits of repentance. So shall you deliver your own soul, and that none too soon.

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(Slovakia) President – Andrej Kiska, Prime Minister – Peter Pellegrini

President – Andrej Kiska

Do you remember the head scarf your mother wore? How bright and gay, for she was vivacious and loved me. Her dancing before me was both a delight and an later an embarrassment to you. Forsake the embarrassment Andrej, for the fear of man is a snare. The opinions of the crowd will become spider webs that wrap you up, cause you to second guess important decisions, and eventually neuter you. Listen now, for the words you mom said, I too will say, for I gave them to you… “Little beloved Andrej, don’t trouble yourself about the big boys, for you too will be big someday and I do not want you to become one of them. I want you to be big for God on the inside.” How your heart was comforted by those words. Now, what do you say? I call you to remembrance this day to not forsake the way of your mother, bind her words upon your heart, keep them and live, for they are life to those who find them and health to all their flesh. She served me well, and you are called to serve me and your people. So up, it’s time to be a big boy.

Prime Minister – Peter Pellegrini

Red wine, mother’s cooking, olive oil, shaded promenades, sidewalk cafes, delightful conversation… who wouldn’t like such a time? Yet, I tell you that a time is coming and is now breaking upon you as a wave on the shore. This time will bring strife enough, as powerful leaders suggest demands that will make your knees tremble. You will smile, look thoughtful, furrow your brow, but I tell you that your life is in your hands and you must consider well your answer. These men have taken council to draw and quarter your land and your people. They do not care a whit about precious life, and you will do well to remember that when you answer them. So, make an alliance with heaven, and look to the west from where the wind blows. Buy true friends and alliances. Sell all and follow me. More than just you hangs in the balance, for many people’s lives are expecting you to do the right thing.

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(Singapore) President – Halimah Yacob Prime Minister – Lee Hsien Loong

President – Halimah Yacob

The world is a stage. You are now preparing for an entrance. Many did not see everything coming, but it’s the tip of the ice berg. It’s my global warming, and I, the Prince of Peace, am at work. Why now, you may ask. I have free course for rivers of water and life, and what people will see will cause second looks. I turn the hearts of kings in my hands, and I raise one up while another comes down. People are beginning to run in the streets and noise aloud the tidings. Look to the East, for the sun is rising. Look again and the curtain is rising. Now is your time, step up.

Prime Minister – Lee Hsien Loong

You studied through great weariness. You pressed your mind until numb. You dug deep, but now it’s pay dirt. The mining that has been going on with you has been intellectual, but now I call you a miner of the heart, for I will have hearts of men. I cause a shift in your heart, for a rich deep vein runs through you from your grandparents. Though your parents were not fervent in faith, I tell you that you are especially moved through the prayers of your grandparents. I must answer these prayers, and I tell you that you will meet one of my chosen servants not many days from now. He will tell you words from me, and impart wisdom from above. I mean to shift entire landscapes. I will cause great upheaval in the hearts of men. Public opinion will change overnight. People will stutter in disbelief, for words will fail them. I will give a sign. An old blind man will see. A disfigured woman will walk. I will display before all my great love so that I can bypass the minds of unbelief. You will receive credit, but I will be glorified. You will be raised up, but I will display heaven. The contacts that are coming for you will be no less than Switzerland, and I will establish a new fame for your land. Watch, for floods are coming.

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(Sierra Leone) President – Ernest Bai Koroma

President – Ernest Bai Koroma

How many times will a woman bemoan her man, wail at the loss of a child, or suffer abuse at the hands of warriors? Your ground has abundance of blood that cries out to me. The cry has ascended to heaven, and the stored up tears of many are poured out before me for such a time as this. “For such a time as this” Esther heard. Sanctify unto me a fast. Call an assembly. Render unto me the calves of your lips in holy sacrifice. For I will answer, and woe unto he who tries to thwart my mercy. Purge the ju-ju for it is an abomination. I will send a servant to announce and verify that the tribal magic and amulets are nothing. I will heal to the uttermost. Even the land will heave and shudder as a woman who brings forth a child. Look for this: A tremor, a wave that has never been seen, an upwelling of water from springs newly opened, and an uprising of the women who pray. These women will wail before me in holy travail, for a man must come forth to set in array all as it should be. Are you the man, Ernest? Will you emerge and step up to kneel and make holy proclamation, or should I look for another. Many are called but few are chosen. I do not call the large, the preening, the proud, or the pedigreed. I call the humble from the humble. Remember when you were small in your own sight, and seek that again. I am coming to sift so prepare the ground of your heart.

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(Seychelleys) President – Danny Faure

President – Danny Faure

People want to come and be secluded. They want something exotic, some place removed, some venue that’s discreet. And you have fostered that. You have catered and hosted the reclusive, the indisposed, and the hiders. I must tell you that there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, for all words whispered in closets and in hushed rooms will be published and noised abroad. When word comes to you that all is revealed and compromised, will you bolt? Will you sweat and lie? Destruction comes upon a man, and that quite suddenly. Even more, however, will a new day dawn to he who will turn from the ways of death and embrace The Way. I have chosen the foolishness of preaching to save, and have chosen the castaways to bring the glad tidings. What you thought had no worth has infinite worth, and what you thought to ignore is now in the forefront. I bring up that which has been brushed aside, for I will have mercy upon whom I have mercy. Look now for mercy is extended, and it has patience for you, but when the door is open and the invitation is extended, do not tarry. Do not be coy. Jump before the chasm is too broad.

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