UAE United Arab Emirates

Would you prosper? Will you have it go well with you? Will you be blessed coming in and going out? The nations rage and imagine a vain thing. I will bless those who bless my people. I alone can judge, but I alone can release the true riches. Others will watch, hold back, sit on the sidelines and let the raging ones bellow. But I am putting a spirit of wisdom and boldness into more leaders. Now, the winds of change are blowing over you. I am putting muscles on your dry bones. I am blowing the breath of life into you so that you may stand with my mighty army. Will the Nazarite arise within your borders. Yes, and even more, for the leaders are not without veils over their eyes. Now, they see the true riches. Now is a new day. Their wives will be free to say what is on their hearts, and the households will prosper. I will even quicken the minds of the young men, to learn above their brothers. I will visit in dreams and visions. Watch what will arise in your midst. No one could have predicted it. Little did the enemy suspect that your turning would bring about a flood of living water over the desert. See now… look to the east and see what will arise.

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When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like those who dreamed. I say to you now, do not look at what you see, for I will do a new thing. What you knew in the past, what freedom you enjoyed, freedom to move in safety, to walk with loved ones in the streets without fear. I will do again. Out of the rubble, out of the loss, I will restore. I am sending messengers to proclaim a new Lebanon, the Lebanon from above, who supplied David and Solomon with cedars. I will raise up a generation to supply Israel again. Hiram in the past, but it’s a new day. Movement is afoot… I, the Prince of Peace am contending with the princes of the region. Watch dominoes fall in line. Watch me do what no one else was able to do. See, I had a Carter. I called him the “Magna Carter” who forged a just peace with Egypt and my people. Now, I will do exceedingly and abundantly above what people can imagine. For I now have a man who strikes hands in agreement. I have a man who wants all to win. “It is nothing, it is nothing” but afterwards the buyer rejoices in the seller’s loss. This is not his heart. I the Lord detest a false balance, and I will tell you that he does not have his thumb on the scale. I, the Prince of Peace, will bring to pass what could not be done. Stand and watch, as I blow my trumpet over the land… no uncertain sound, and the enemy with his minions will retreat and feed upon one another as the people return to dwell in their tents in safety

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France… Bonn Homm Richard

I see the ship on fire, says the Lord. The namesake is a harbinger of things to come. Can you stop the fire. Man made errors have sunk many a ship, and you are no different. Will you return? Will calamity be averted? Behold, I send water from afar. It is the water of my Spirit with an attempt to re-hydrate you. You are parched, and wilting, yet will you see it? The water I send is connected to this word: Thy words were found and I did eat them. The Word and the Spirit agree. “Ho everyone that thirsts, come ye to the water, he that has no money come buy, and eat.” Will you be a goat in the peloton, or will you follow the breakout? Will you hydrate or wilt. There is a fire in the devil and it devours him from within. I have a fire in baptism from on high. It will burn away dross and purify. The seeds of your fall are already planted and within. Will you turn, or will you burn? Behold, my mercy is extended again.

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The Allies

The United States of America, Great Britain, and France. Of course, I called many to resist that spirit of anti-christ, and the pretender U.S.S.R. had not an iron curtain, but feet of iron and clay. So now the spirit of Russia, China, and Persia rise up. In a day they shall fall, for they speak blasphemous things and I will not allow those words to stay in the air. So many precious ones who love their lives not unto death have moved my heart. Their cries and groaning have reached heaven, the cup is full, and I will repay. Do not think I will do this because of the allies and the old alliance. I do this because of my suffering ones. I shake, and will shake more before this is over. For judgement has begun at my house. My Body is trembling, and the threshing floor has wheat and chaff. The chaff must be blown away by the wind, and burned, but my precious grain I will use to make bread and feed the nations. The malaise must run deep before the people will cry out. Some necks will harden, but sudden destruction will come. Keep soft, stay humble, seek me while I may be found. I am not coy, I do not hide, but your whole heart must participate. The nations hear the sound of a thousand trumpets, and they tremble. They scheme. They Connive. Yet, I will cause the wicked to fall into their own ditch, they will dine on themselves, and they will be utterly consumed. Watch and pray and see that you don’t enter into temptation. The continent hangs in the balance.

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North Korea

My hook is in your jaw, and I am drawing you out upon the mountains, plains, and sea coast. There is no place to hide, and your nakedness will be on display. I have a fire kindling within you, and it has two flames. They are at odds, and will bring sudden destruction unless you turn. What provocation you intend will become the pit you will fall into. You rage and imagine vain things, you posture, you rant, and like a child untamed by the rod, sudden calamity is standing at your door. You will open it if you do not repent, and like an armed man, he will exact complete destruction. On the wings of the wind, on the currents of grace and mercy, I have extended myself to you continuously, and will not stop. Choose life that you and your kin may live. Understand, to not choose is a choice. To ignore the severe mercy will be to your own grief, and I do not rejoice in that at all, says God.

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Washington State U.S.A.

My servant, the one you call the father of your country, prayed to me and I regarded his prayers. And now, how much more will I protect his namesake, your state. Righteous obedience I love, and a stubborn heart I resist. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and I will not allow the desecration to continue. The human sacrifices, bestiality, pedophilia, and incantations in seats of power will fall. I bring this to urge humility and repentance, for a contrite heart I will not despise, but he who hardens his neck will be suddenly destroyed, and that without remedy. In the east, a cloud is forming, and a hot wind is poised to blow. I will do things in places that have not been seen. As a sign, that which grows ferns will be barren and dry. As the parched land cries for water, I will give rain in the desert and it will blossom out of season. Then, as the groan increases, I will send a rain that will wash the streets in a day. I will run in rivers in the streets. A plague, a plague they will reply in your capital, but it is not the familiar one. What they call a plague I call righteousness. A great turning, a repentance from destruction will begin this fall and continue. What was prophesied about you, Washington, will begin to sprout and bloom. At last!, is the cry of gratitude. What has been pined for and yearned for will come. Look for the young and old to meet and embrace.

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Roll over on your bed. Turn your head to me says The Lord. Now is the time of the trouble of Jacob. The trouble that comes causes you to lay your head on a rock. Look up, for my angles are ascending and descending upon you.
See how the heathen, their princes and nobles rage and are consumed with vanity? Behold, if you can learn to praise me, I will discomfit them all and make a display of them openly. Know that those who have my ear have travailed long enough. Now, the chaos that envelops will be as the four lepers who sat in the gate. Watch, for the noise you hear is the enemy devouring himself. It’s a banquet they want, and a banquet they will get. In three months time, the world will be turned upside down. I say this ahead of time so that you will know that it’s me and my doing.
Abide. Abide, I say under my shadow. Seek my secret place. For in there and there alone will you find rest. And when rumors come to cause people to race about, when fear grips the heart of people, and when you see the abominable raise its head against my people Israel, you can rest assured that I will reveal my strong right arm. I will make the greatest ocean a puddle. My holy ones will span it, holding hands, and they will unite those on the other side who desire me to clasp your hand and watch your back.
The hearts of the contrary I hold in my hand. I will turn them, or they will cease to beat. In my mercy, I give them another chance, but the time is upon them where they are weighed in the balances. Some are wanting, some put their finger on the scales to assert a false tipping point. They will not succeed. But several will relent. A false balance is abominable to me, and I will not allow it to rule. Behold the enemy, drunk on blood, as he thinks that victory is his. Can a nation be reborn? Can a goat become a sheep? Is anything too hard for me, says the Lord. I will be glorified, says Yahweh.

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China… again!

The cup is full, the balance is weighed, the move has begun. It’s not a game of chance, for my promises are yes, and amen to those who believe. And I say today, those who believe are greater than those who don’t. Look, for my mighty army has surrounded you. You do not know what my lovers see. China, the blood in your earth, the prayers as incense before my throne are now mixed and I come. The reapers have begun, and the harvest is more than imagination can grasp. Generations who saw this day died in faith, but the promise is obtained. The prayers and tears for you are now in the wine press. Look now, for even the oppressed people groups are converted in a day. There is no stopping it. Nothing can withstand my word, for now is the time, says the Lord of Hosts. This is the appointed hour. That which the government has greatly feared is now come, for the government upon my shoulders says God, is the cornerstone and walls of man cannot withstand it. The dragon is a mere lizard, and will slink back to it’s den in ignominy. Not only a new year, but a new season dawns. The dam of dams is breached. The river of rivers is at flood stage. Over the clever banks it flows and comes to wash away the stubborn strongholds. Yet, my beloved ones will ride upon the flood in their ark. A great sign and wonder will break forth soon, very soon. The world will take note, for when you think “victory,” China, sudden contrition will come upon you as pangs come upon a woman in birthing. What will come forth? My army of those who love not their lives unto death arises now in this, their finest hour. Visas withheld, plans that were thwarted, and subterfuge and plots are brought to light, and now on to the west O China, on to the west! They have been pining, sighing, and as Moses was put upon the water, so they are now about to be lifted up by your embrace, in My Name.

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Birthed in retreat, I now call you to advance. I will support you and uphold you. The wind from the north will be turned back. Behold a hot easterly wind brings revival. I am coming, riding on the clouds. What clouds, you ask. These are the testimonies of my faithful ones. They speak to you now. I have one coming, a flaming messenger. The words prepared for you will bring you to your knees. You will not be on your knees before your brethren, but before the one who is not ashamed to call you brethren. The world will take note of this move, for it will be noteworthy. While I have shaken your big brother to the north, now I bring one to you who sticks closer than a brother. Do not miss the day of your visitation.

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You don’t really know what is happening, right? You think you do, but the plans and purposes I have for you and your people will come to pass. Can you hold at bay the wind from the west? Can you cause the tide to cease? If you can’t do those simple things, why worry about tomorrow? I reveal a secret to you now, because the blood of many in your eastern wastelands is crying out to me from the ground. In a day, an instant, I will turn upside down everything you count on. The backs of peasants upon which you depend, and who provides your food, I will exalt in a sweep of my Holy Spirit. You can’t stop it, because the prayers and intercessions… along with the forgiveness they have extended to you, will carry aloft many before the end of days. The ease of the elite will be brought low. Even haughty ones will cry for mercy, and if they cry to me, I will show mercy. Make no mistake however, for falling into my hands unrepentant will be terrible. The fire within you will consume you. See! From the east is a cloud shaped like a small hand. It is the hand of revival, and it sweeps westward. The most unlikely, the most reviled and despised… they will usher in my presence for they have not ceased to call unto me. Watch, for it is at the door.

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Good friends, good food, good wine… bon appetite! Is that it? Is that all? Let me tell you my plan…
The Lord says: I have called you friends if you do whatsoever I command you.
The Lord says: Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God… and again, My flesh is meat indeed.
The Lord says: The new wine is better. Prepare your wineskin to receive the new wine of my spirit. For these are drunken as you suppose.
Flee youthful lusts, even as old men and women. Eschew nuanced replies… let your yes be yes, and let your no be no. All else is sin.
Don’t you know and have you not heard that it’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God? Yet, I am full of mercy, says The Lord. I am slow to anger and full of compassion, knowing that your frame is but dust. I am easily touched by the feelings of your infirmities. I am your ever present help in time of need. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, and I will exalt you in due season.

Your vineyards are about to cast forth their fruit. Take heed that they not fall to the earth, but that you gather the fruit in due season. It is written, “a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands… so shall poverty come upon you as an armed man.” Let your poverty be of a needy one in spirit, and be not wise in your own eyes, O France

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OH! Canada

I am raising up the farmers, the northern ones as an ensign. I have visited and will visit again. Those on the outskirts, on the fringes, I will come to for meek and contrite hearts I do not despise. I will begin in Saskatoon and move to the east and west. As a prairie fire, I will be spread by a mighty wind. The diverse populations each have a man I will touch. He shall be filled with my Spirit, and become a firebrand. He shall be a torch to light off his own people. I will have the nations as my inheritance. The enemy will rage and imagine a vain thing, but even in the halls of government, I will stalk the the mighty and will humble them. Who can stop this mighty outpouring?
The coasts will say, “What is this, what is this.” Their fortifications will crumble, for the people will rise up and say, “it is the Lord!” These words will come from my remnant who has not bowed their knees to the new order, nor have they kissed the new icon. I have enough, and have winnowed down to the last three hundred. It is enough, says the Lord. All this because of the laughter. I call Toronto, my Isaac. The embers there are still hot, and even a pig will be made clean on them.

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United States

Look what is rising up from the deep. See what has been released. It is an upwelling of nutrients. I am uncapping ancient wells. The false shepherds have capped them. These wells were dug over generations by mighty men of old. Men who wept upon their knees for their times also wept for future generations and believed that their wells would remain for children’s children’s children. “These all died in faith, not seeing what the final outcome would be, not beholding what you are now witnessing. Some women had to forgo birth to pray in new births. They sacrificed their natural use for heaven’s use. The wells of revival are beginning, even now, to come forth. As Moses had to speak to the rock, so I am calling my people now to speak. I will bring water and even oil from flinty rocks. Hidden riches in secret places are now released. Speal now and withhold not, lift up your voice like a trumpet, for the day is upon you. The night watchmen have resisted slumber, and now, as the light begins to lighten up the east, as the sun nears the horizon, the gladness of the day is dawning upon the hearts of many. Let my faithful ones shout and sing. Let the mountains clap and the hills skip. Let he who is faithful not regard what is seen, but laud the unseen and eternal. Let he who has proclaimed dress himself in preparation for the manifestation. As the night of death has passed, as weeping has endured for a night let the joy come now in the true morning.
As light begins, and it makes manifest, the workers of darkness have begun to tremble. The thief has no covering and is discovered. Those who rioted in the night are now found out… they are naked and ashamed. Talk to them quickly and urge repentance for I come very quickly. I cover the land with nutrient filled water and he who is thirsty may come and drink. He who is hungry may eat. I bring unusual signs to show the way. I raise up new ways to show the Way. The urgency that has come upon my called-out ones is of me. Hasten to dig the ditches now, for the fields will be flooded, the grain gathered by my angels, and the harvest is quick at this time. Even the gleanings will be complete, for the ones who are still in the fire, still without white garments, will be gathered if you will help them. This is the time where rejoicing and weeping will be divided. The cup is almost full, and about to spill over the brim. Knowing therefore, the terror of the Lord, roll up your sleeves to work. Singers, sing. Helpers help. Preachers preach. Teachers teach. Now is your appointed time as the desire of all ages readies himself to receive his reward.

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And shall I not avenge those who cry out to me. Rocks are crying out to me. The lively stones of Heaven’s foundation are calling to me. Their deaths are precious to me and they are wearing crowns. Woe to those who ignore the cries of widows and orphans. I will fight for the forlorn and the helpless. My heart is near those who suffer, for I too was a man of sorrows, esteemed smitten and stricken of God. The fool who says “there is no God,” will surely stand speechless before me. Then the bow of the knee and the confession of all: “Jesus Christ is Lord,” and my Father is glorified. So China… you who have build things with blood as mortar. You who have trod underfoot humanity for ages; you are not worthy to contain them. You will repent in dust and ashes when you hear of their forgiveness. You will weep at the severe mercy that they have asked for you. I am not willing for you to perish, yet if you persist in iniquity, you will be suddenly destroyed, and that without remedy.

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