(Tonga) King – Tupou VI

King – Tupou VI
How beloved you are! A king is a king is a king. But your name is attached to goodness. Now, I will tell you of a rhyme: Oh Tupou, when will you come,
Where will you roam? The fish will gather by your launch and be fed bread.
Look to the people for they will maintain your fame. The train of legacy that supports you has come from faithful servants of the most high, and I will bless and keep that which was committed unto me. Your posterity will follow you, but there is a group of servants that I have prepared to reach your youth. They will broaden my renown and your embrace will succor them. Herein you will gain far past what you heretofore had imagined. It is my good pleasure.

Prime Minister – ʻAkilisi Pōhiva
What you are called to do is live outside of the pomp. What cannot be accomplished in the open can be done behind the scenes. Your calling is to create godly alliances that will assist my Kingdom of Heaven to advance. Occupy until I come is your calling, and I will empower you to do this. Many will be helped, and though fame comes to those you serve, yet true fame is: Well done good and faithful servant.” These words are your watchword. Did your granny pray for you in vain? No, for the visitation you received as a youngster is your true north, and I will have you sail in faith towards the city of the great King.

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(Togo) President – Faure Gnassingbé[α], Prime Minister – Komi Sélom Klassou

President – Faure Gnassingbé[α
White is white and black is black. So can they mix? If you think either is pure, you are deceived. Look around at the multitudes. They walk, work, eat, marry, and die. The rhythms of life continue. And you Faure… where are you in the ebb and flow of life and death? I saw you before you saw. I knew you before you knew. I named you before you had a name, and now your name is exalted above many your peers. You are fearful and cling to what cannot be grasped. A handful of oil is your life. It flows through the fingers of time, and there are two things that can happen, one one thing will happen for sure. As your life flows, if there is a vessel into which it can flow, your life will be put to use. The sure thing is that you cannot grasp and retain it yourself. Now, what vessels are awaiting your life? Heat for cooking, machines for oiling, and skin for blessing. I want to make your life to be a savor for others to taste and come to me for it is written, O taste and see that the Lord is good.” I also mean for the wheels of commerce to roll along and bring abundance to the people, and your life can remove friction and facilitate goodness. Skin will dry and become cracked and brittle. Women need oil for their skin to make the next generation, and your life is called to help that. If you will come to me, I will make your life a blessing… if not, squeeze though you may, the residue of oil left will only be carried to your grave.

Prime Minister – Komi Sélom Klassou
Komi, Komi, Komi, I am calling you in the night seasons. Komi! Awake sleeper and arise. Time does not wait for anyone, and you are no exception. Look to your business diligently, for many will commit errors, and you must catch them lest your life and legacy be tied to them. Take heed Komi. The buffalo is dumb and pulls weight, but much good comes from his strength. Don’t be offended, for your land is in need of your strength. Pull, Komi, pull! I will come alongside you, for my yoke is easy and I make your burden light. Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly. You cannot do it alone. No shame, no shame. Here is a riddle of life: The string that is pulled tight will make a sound. What is the sound? The answer is that he who tightens the string does so for a note, and the note is the vibration of life, love, and tune. So, I will stretch you and put you in tune with my kingdom, my purpose, and my life. Your song will be for the people to dance to. Otherwise, if you keep tightening, you will snap and break. Then you will be replaced, and what will become of you?

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(Thailand) King – Maha Vajiralongkorn, Prime Minister – Prayut Chan-o-cha

King – Maha Vajiralongkorn
Now I see that all is a mirage, you say. You echo what many kings have taken all their lives to say. Now what? You have begun to think of legacy. What memories will document your reign? Will you carve in stone? Will you have songs penned and sung to laud your time? Do you want pageantry from your people? Shall they praise you? I will tell you now to lay up your treasures in heaven. What are these, you ask. Wisdom to help your people, with no trumpets to announce your mercy and largess. Quietly send out righteous spies to hear what the people say. What is on their hearts. Ask me for the wisdom to help them, for I give liberally and I do not scold you for asking. Do you think this is weak? I tell you that righteous hearts and actions are strong, and will provide you an abundant entrance into my Kingdom. Look now to your heart, for the true Kingdom and King is near you. What your household has beheld and listened to, they will tell if you ask. The road for you will become clear not many days from now.

Prime Minister – Prayut Chan-o-cha
Consider the butterfly, says God. Look how it struggles to escape its restraints. See the network of life in its wings. Note how it moves and absorbs life from the sun. Without struggle, there is no strength. Without timing, flight is not possible. Consider all your country’s struggles. Were they in vain? Are you just a pretty ornament for the world to behold. There is great beauty and flight coming. The many threads that held you these many years will lie as husks as you depart. They will be only remnants and a distant memory as you drink the nectar of life. Other neighbors will watch you and learn. I am He who will lead you and protect you. You must prepare for bigger stages whereon you will alight. As a honey bee, I put pollen on you for you to move elsewhere. Many neighbors need what you have struggled for. Keep your heart therefore will all diligence, and surround yourself with others who have struggled righteously. I will send them… do not consider their outward appearances, but I will show you hearts. I will put my words in your mouth… only allow my Spirit to enter you. Eternal dwelling places are your inheritance… see to it that you receive them.

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(Tanzania) President – John Magufuli[α]

President – John Magufuli[α]
Go the the market and see all the baskets. Every size and shape. I tell you that they cannot contain all the fragments that I have that are the overflow of the provision in store for your people. They are hungry, so what will you do about it? I say this to prove you, for I know what I am about to do. The sign and wonder will make world headlines. Your obscurity will be no more. Can your nation be called out in a day? Can your nation be a headline? Now I do a new thing. I call you into partnership with me, for I am El Shaddai, the one who provides more than you can ask or think. This will be marvelous in your eyes. Come to me now, humble yourself under my hand, for I will exalt you in your due season.

Prime Minister – Kassim Majaliwa
The earth is moving under your feet as I speak. Great rifts are opening. Gas is released, but more than that, cracks that appear show how the powers are being shaken. The ancient ones in villages can see it and feel it. They are sending runners to announce the end of days and the beginning of days. They have read the signs in the heavens and have a sure word. You will do well to listen to them, for the headlines in the papers are written by blind ones leading the blind. How will you know the signs of the times. Gray hair and weathered skin will stand you in good stead. Juju will do nothing except lead you to death. It is toothless roaring. No, I say that a chief is a chief, and he will have sure words for you. I tell you that I have servants who are announcing what is, and what is to come. They spare not nor do they mince words. Heed them and live.

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(Tajikistan) President – Emomali Rahmon[α]-Prime Minister – Kokhir Rasulzoda

President – Emomali Rahmon[α]
I have followed you to the ends of the earth, the end of your hope, the end of your patience, the end of your rope. You are merely hanging on at this point. Who knows you, and who sees you. Do they know your plight, or even care? I am the Lord who heals. The affliction you have now in your feet will be your undoing unless you are healed. Many say for you to get your house in order, but I say for you to get your heart in order. Now is the time, this is the appointed hour. Ask your wife, a devout woman who has cried tears over you. She knows that you have been good and faithful in a measure, but she also knows that you need a savior. That’s where I come in. I will save to the uttermost those who call on my name. Will you call? Will you humble yourself and bow like a bulrush? The thirsty soul will be watered, the hungry soul will be fed. Ponder such mercy and abundance today.

Prime Minister – Kokhir Rasulzoda
I am mindful of my promises and I do not lie. What you said to me when you were a child and looking at the stars… I heard. You whispered, “can I know you?” Now is the time for you to know. Now is the time for that presence and question that I framed in your young breast to come forth. I actually now come to you. Like the wind you do not know from where i came, but you can feel me blowing. A smoking flax I will not quench. Where there is smoke there is fire, for the wind of my spirit is blowing on the embers of your life. You will come forth to testify, even to your own peril… or to your greater peril you will stay silent. This is that which old men in the desert have whispered about. Rumors that they cannot repeat but which they have embraced will find their way into your ears. You will hear things forbidden to say, ponder thoughts that are unlawful to think, and believe what you have been warned not to consider. Your life is a wisp, a vapor, and this you know right well. Up now, it is time for you to do what would have been unthinkable not many years ago. Shouts of “Life, Life” will spring forth at your rising.

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(Syria) President – Bashar al-Assad

President – Bashar al-Assad
I have my my man. What you have been counting on is failing, because there is little left of you to dine on. You have been volleyed back and forth over the net long enough. Choose you this day your ally. The covert ones who have approached you now have an offer on the table. You will not be a friend, but you will not be an enemy. This is nothing more than a replication of countless regimes in the world. Yet, if you will offer peace and safety to some, a region will be saved. And I mean to use you, or others will use you for their aims. Heaven is camped on your doorstep, prayers have been prayed for you and the realm, answers are coming, flaming messengers are moving into position, and there will be change. Even members of your household are standing on knife’s edge, and I tell you that you will do well to follow their lead, for it is written, “even a child will lead them.”

Prime Minister – Imad Khamis
You are not neutral, even though you think it’s a hiding place from the fray. Woe to him that cries “peace, peace” when war is imminent. Use your voice quietly, discreetly, and to people whom I will show you. So shall you and your house be saved. Calamity and destruction are salivating and awaiting your fall so that they may feast on you. They spare not, but I the living God am poised also. The voice behind you saying “come this way” will be with you whether you turn to the right or left. But, turn you must, for the broad path upon which you travel is not the narrow one you imagine it to be. It’s called “destruction” and its call is sweet. Its maw is hell itself, and will spare not. I am meek and lowly, easily entreated, and full of compassion. But will wisdom be heard?

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(Switzerland) Alain Berset (as President) • Ueli Maurer (as Vice President) • Doris Leuthard (as Member) • Simonetta Sommaruga (as Member) • Johann Schneider-Ammann (as Member) • Guy Parmelin (as Member) • Ignazio Cassis (as Member)

Alain Berset (as President)• Ueli Maurer (as Vice President)
• Doris Leuthard (as Member)
• Simonetta Sommaruga (as Member)
• Johann Schneider-Ammann (as Member)
• Guy Parmelin (as Member)
• Ignazio Cassis (as Member)

It is written that in a multitude of counselors there is safety. It is also written that a companion of fools will suffer harm. Again, it is written that the fool says in his heart, “there is no God.” What will it be for you and your land over which I have given charge? It is written, how can two walk together unless they be agreed? On what do you agree? Have you come into one accord, or are you just keeping a truce? When the day of Pentecost had fully come, all the disciples were all together and in one accord. They had been fasting and praying, waiting for the Promise of the Father. In what way are you all in one accord, and what are you waiting for? Is your heart’s purpose to simply discharge your duties faithfully? I tell you that faithfulness is of great price in my sight, but over what are you faithful? Have you committed my message into faithful men’s keeping, and are you faithful to noise it abroad? You cannot serve two masters, choose Me or mammon. Days are coming and are upon you where you will be invaded by those who have turned the earth upside down. There is also one spirit whose teeth are like iron, and who will not spare to conquer. Scorched earth and misery are in his right and left hands and the level of commitment to cause will make pale all but those who are mine and who love not their lives unto death. All else will wither, capitulate, or fornicate with the destroyer… and what will you say to the orphan and widow for whom you did not have courage to protect; only peace keeping is not true peace. There is one, the Prince of Peace, of whom you have heard from your youth. He, and only he, will save you… and that to the uttermost. Have you removed the old landmark? If you have, destruction will come because sin has opened the door. I am sending those who will rebuild, re-dig, and replenish what has eroded and been squandered. When they come, welcome them or snub at your own risk. I give you this choice… life or death. Choose life that you and your posterity can rejoice and flourish.

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(Sweden) King – Carl XVI Gustaf

King – Carl XVI Gustaf
Lines are formed, lines are disrupted, lines diverge, lines converge, and tangents are not unheard of. What is your heritage? Is it a mere keepsake on a mantle, or is it divine? You must answer. Let your answer be a good witness and testimony to the truth. You cannot shirk nor defer. I do not think you will shrink in the days of adversity that are upon you. You were made for this time, the stage is yours, the house is quiet, and ears are attentive and tuned. Stand for posterity, not applause, for much is weighed in the balances. Is a sure foundation merely an ungainly and homely ornament to what is built thereon, or is there a comeliness intrinsic that is worth honor and attention. Draw attention to substance and the day will be won. Focus on the expedient, and you’ve created a room doomed to destruction, for at the floods beat upon the house, the sand and sands of time will record the fall with a lament and a sigh. Stand up O King.

Prime Minister – Stefan Löfven
A statesman is a statesman, and a serf a serf. Choose this day which road you will travel. Vassal nations never set out to be so, but are conquered from without or from within, or both. All guards must be wary and not quit their post. With barbarians at the gate, you must see the truth, for a horse with a cavern has ruined more than a Troy. If one’s heart is not with you, you cannot embrace him in the day of adversity, for it is written, it’s like putting weight on a broken ankle. And, adversity is here. It is a sin to remove the old landmarks, for what will you say to the young ones when they ask? What anchor do their ships have and where is safe harbor? I tell you that the winds of adversity are fierce… they will not spare any. Their teeth are like iron, their eyes bloody, and their mouths speak perverse things. You cannot embrace coals and remain unburned. You cannot hold onto sand but that it will escape through your fingers. You cannot pound sand and make progress. I tell you that only fierce heat will melt sand and it will then become the looking glass that functions as a window to truth. I have fire enough and the sand is being heated. What is it to you if I call you to be a forge? Will you apologize for turning up the heat if that is what you are formed to do? Will not the blacksmith who wields the hammer move to another forge for fulfilling his calling, leaving you to the ravages of time and loss of purpose? Let it not be said that you fell with a whimper.

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(Swaziland) King – Mswati III, Prime Minister – Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini

King – Mswati III
You know in your heart that you did not earn being a King. Do not strut or preen, for destruction will come quickly to those who indulge such vanities. Be grave and purposeful, for I delight to bless through you. It’s your calling, for I too am a King, and I am the King of kings. It is written, “humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and He will exalt you in due season.” A due season is here… are you ready. Premature exaltation will destroy the weak. Strengthen your feeble knees, and lift up hands that hang down, for I am about to do what others crave for. Position and title are like the wind… you cannot grasp them, you cannot keep them, you know not where they are going, nor do you know their strength. Like a sail, you can catch the wind, but a wise helmsman must guide such power. Choose your words wisely, for all heaven is listening, the pens of the recorders are poised to record for posterity. Every word will be established, for I have witnesses who are faithful. Put a watch on your mouth and give a good confession… saving not only yourself, but also your country.

Prime Minister – Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini
A second fiddle brings harmony. You are not the lead, though the temptation is to lead without timing and counsel. My king is not a titular title in your land, for forces that established him and your country are greater than you and will endure when you are just a footnote. Look well to yourself, your household, and your people you serve. They are all worthy. Put a knife to your throat if you mean to heap and hide riches for self-indulgence. A solo is not for this time, and without your second fiddle, the symphony cannot proceed. It is written, God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Grace is flowing towards you like a river, but the dancing bear of opinion will divert it if you only want entertainment. Your people are waiting for me for they have heard reports of visitations on their neighbors, have brought back good reports, and you will do well to issue letters of invitations to those who speak words of life. Let it be.

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(Suriname) President – Dési Bouterse

President – Dési Bouterse
You rage silently, who knows us? Who knows we exist? Who cares, and what must I do to get the recognition due our people and name? I the everlasting Lord tell you this day that I know you. Your names are written in my books and the palms of my hands. They were pierced for my joy over you, and soon you will have more attention that what you can imagine or think. The resources under your feet are craved by the world. The permission you gave for exploration will yield untold riches, but they will be your undoing and destruction if you waver. If you mean to consume wealth on your own lusts and to make up for past snubs, you will die. I tell you that many powerful ones are already rubbing their hands and salivating before they feast on your flesh. “I forgot my teachers and I have entered foolishly into destruction” will be your lament. But, be of good cheer, for I have provided a way of escape. For one of my names is “The Way.” You have several NGO’s who have a heart for you and your people… attach yourself to them for they do my work. Widows and orphans are close to my heart and I am rewarding them for their faithfulness. They are allies and brothers who are not your brothers. Look past the skin and the kin. I am bringing a band to you that will to do my will… you are included. Hide yourself now in the caves of silence so that I can speak to you. Seek hearty council from those who keep close council with me, says The Lord. I am the chief of chiefs and you will do well to come to me alone.

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(Sudan) President – Omar al-Bashir[α] Prime Minister – Bakri Hassan Saleh

President – Umar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir
Underneath your feet is more than you imagine. You stand on the sands of time. Blood in the sand cries out to me. The King of Babylon had feet mingled with clay. You are of the earth, and you have sand as your inheritance. Glass is formed from sand, and I mold today a glass for you to gaze into. Look now at yourself and what do you see? Look for me, the Ancient of Days and what do you see? Do you see a shepherd… yes and more. Do you see a Lord? If so, you see clearly, and now what will you do? Do you hear me calling? I am calling you because of my great love for you and I do not want the spilled blood to be on your hands, nor the cries of widows to be laid at you feet.

Prime Minister – Bakri Hassan Saleh
What you hear whispered on the wind is my voice. At night, in the coolest time, I come to you. Seven nights you will be awakened, and I will speak… man to man I will tell you what you have and have not done, what you are and are not doing, and what I want you to and not to do. I do this out of compassion, for you are surrounded by those who speak out of the sides of their mouths. Their hearts are far from you and you have no counselor whom you trust. Plots and lies swirl like a storm in the desert. You cannot see and can scarcely breathe. I am your only oasis. I am your only source of water and food. You have searched and felt after me without knowing me. Now I reveal myself to you through your heart, and through your sister. She has met me and hides in fear to reveal who she knows. Bring no reprisal to her when she shares, because it is out of love and respect that she will speak. She does not covet your position or power, but I have called her to deliver manna of life to you, for you cannot trust anyone else at this time. The sands of time in the hourglass of your life are opaque to you, but I tell you that the hour is late and today is the day of salvation.

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(Sri Lanka) President – Maithripala Sirisena[α], Prime Minister – Ranil Wickremesinghe

President – Maithripala Sirisena[α]

Wear a coat in the summer. Do not spare, for you will not sweat. Where I am taking you, it is required. Tails will be good, for the formality is as thick as pudding, but what you wear is your knife. If I call you to step forth into a den of thieves, there is at times honor among thieves. You will be dressed for the occasion, and I do not say to become one of them. Do not run with them, but there is an honor for decorum and wisdom needs no justification. Flee youthful lusts, do not desire their dainties, and exercise control over your spirit, for you are a city without walls if you do not possess it. Armed men are looking for breeches… much more for open plains. It is written, even a fool when he is silent, people will think him wise. Therefore, let your yea be yea and nay be nay. All else is sin before me and man. Now you are clothed, now you are prepared, you are to be as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Great commerce is poised before you and your people, and you are digging the canal that I will fill.

Prime Minister – Ranil Wickremesinghe

Waves are washing over your gunnels for the wind is contrary, but your scuppers are plugged and you’re taking on water. You’ll founder in the midst of the storm unless you free up the flow. Precious, precious to me is your cargo, and unless you order the good mates to heave to and remove the impediments, all will be lost. “What are the impediments” you say. I thought you’d never ask. Do justice for widows and orphans which you have aplenty. Their crying has reached heaven and I will come to help them in their distress. If you will not, your time is finished, for I have others who will do my bidding and show compassion. Those below who gamble away their lives and dissipate their strength on harlots must be removed. You cannot afford lechery and slackness aboard such a time as this. The winds of destiny are blowing, and they are clashing over you in the sky. The vying for men and nations is upon you, and a flinch or blink at the wrong time can cause deliverance to pass you by… to the destruction of many. Stand up and face the wind. Don’t be a sissy, take the spray and cold opinions of men and set your face like flint. Opposition will melt for they cannot withstand my purpose within you on behalf of your people. It’s not about you, it’s all about them. I will have compassion, and you can do as you will, or do as I will. Life or destruction are in your balances. Do not be found wanting.

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(Spain) King – Felipe VI, President of the Government – Mariano Rajoy

King – Felipe VI
Kings come and kings go, I raise one up and bring another low. Here you are with many years, and you are stepping into the balances. The desires of your people, the destiny of your nation are in the balance. You are opposite. If you’re willing, I will help you and uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness. You will see my desires for the people fulfilled, and I, the King of Kings, will be glorified and full of joy to see them prosper. I am drawing you into covenant with me, not formalities, but man to man. We must talk as men for there is an enemy that wants to destroy the people and enslave them… it is the goat that wants your nation to join his herd. Will it be sheep or goats? Remember, I am the good shepherd.

President of the Government – Mariano Rajoy
Roots work first. They push down, deep, to bring up nutrients… for as you go, so goes the nation. If you will embrace the obscurity and limelight, I will establish you and cause you to flourish in your calling. Not many will know, but I know. And, you know… that’s enough. All that supports the flower which one day blooms and then passes away is the true plant. We celebrate the flower, but wise ones know that it’s the plant that abides. You know that pruning goes with the territory, and that you cannot shrink back from it. More fruit is the result, and really, withering and dead wood is an encumbrance that weighs heavily on the living. Here I come again, and you can rejoice in the husbandman’s ministry.

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(South Sudan) President – Salva Kiir Mayardit

President – Salva Kiir Mayardit

Salva Salva, your zeal has thrust you into this place. But it is written, “It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way. (Prov. 19:2 NIV) It is written of me, Issa, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father except by me.” (John 14:6) Your zeal for the right way has come before me, and I am sending laborers to help you. You can expect dreams in the night, words from family, words from trusted sources, and signs from unusual places and circumstances. All this is carried to you because of my unfailing love for you. Though this may seem foreign to you, yet it is what your heart of heart craves. I tell you that the acceptance of this word will mean your death, but be of good cheer for I have overcome death, hell, and the grave. And what is your life? It is as the grass that one day blooms and then withers and passes. “He that believes in me, though he dies, yet shall he live.” I have everlasting habitations for you that far eclipse what you have now, and which has failed to fulfill. Come!

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