(Artsakh) President – Bako Sahakyan

President – Bako Sahakyan
So, there you stand. What do you want? Why are you standing? It is written, “Stand therefore with your loins girt with truth.” Do you have truth? Do you know truth? It is written, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father except by me.” I will ask you again, do you know the Truth? Do you want to know the Truth? This is the time, and you well know it. Will a parent prevail, or a child? It is written, “my praise is perfected in children.” Again it is written, “except you become as a little child, you will in no wise enter into the kingdom of heaven.” What will it be? Will you insist that you are rightfully a parent, or will you humble yourself as a child? It’s so simple. Alarmingly so. Here we stand… face to face, toe to toe. I AM

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(Taiwan) President – Tsai Ing-wen, President of the Executive Yuan – Su Tseng-chang

President – Tsai Ing-wen
It’s hard not to look at the straight, but I tell you that the road for you is straight ahead. It is narrow, but it’s passable, for I will not fail you in your hour of need. So, do you know where to turn for help? Do you know that you need help? What do you know… tell me and let’s talk as men. I was there when you were formed. I saw your parts knit inside the womb. I know who carried you, and I know the prayers she prayed. Are you surprised? Little did you know that when you were little, she touched you on my behalf. You were marked. Now, mark what I say. Can a nation arise in a day? Will the world rise and take note? Will Mao’s spirit rise up and attack? I know what the end will be, and it is not fixed. Humble yourself under my hand and will. It will go well for your people, for I am sending anointed ones with burning tongues and my power in their hands. Watch and pray.

President of the Executive Yuan – Su Tseng-chang
Consider what a ransom does. Is the mouth of that who kidnaps ever full? What will a man give for his soul, body, or spirit? This I say, there is not enough, for the thief never says: enough! I however did say “it is finished.” The bride price was paid, the purchase consummated, and now I rest… awaiting my inheritance. Will you be part of such commerce? Will you partner with the payment, for I will have a full table. Will you attend. Come!

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(South Ossetia) President – Anatoly Bibilov, Prime Minister – Erik Pukhayev

President – Anatoly Bibilov
Where oh where has my little lamb gone, oh where oh where can he be? This rhyme is my heart. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep, and pursues them relentlessly. This is what is happening. I am pursuing you without quarter, for on one will deter me. This is my good and perfect will, and I will never give up. What are the many bees that go out for nectar? They seek, find, and pollinate. You are under the swarm, and there is no escape. I cover you and there is no place to hide. Wave your arms in futility, for there is on place to hide. Now I tell you that surrender is the only option. If you do not relent, the end will be bitter and I do not wish it for you. Others do not wish it for you. Even your worst enemy would not rejoice to the see the bitter end. For, he would know that rejoicing in such a thing would mean his demise too.

Prime Minister – Erik Pukhayev
Deal with it. Deal with it. Do not relent. Do not rest. Do not let the sun go down again on inaction. The stench of procrastination will be too much for you… I make it so. I decree a thing. I bring down one, I raise up another. I do not ask council, for I know the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning. I see and there is nothing hidden from my gaze. It is written, “it’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God.” Again, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Will you be wise, or otherwise? This is a mercy once more, and I do not tire of it, but you will tire. Your flesh will rot and go away as all flesh does. You will remain, and the resurrection I offer is a better one than your ancestors chose. You are the beginning, or the end. Which will you choose?

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(Sahrawl Arab Democratic Republic)General Secretary of the Polisario Front – Brahim Ghali, Prime Minister – Mohamed Wali Akeik

President – Brahim Ghali Does your heart say there’s more? Are you thinking about posterity and legacy? And what will the people say. Will they hiss and thank God you are gone? What will you do to avert the judgement that you hold in fear? Don’t you know and has it not been said that you cannot know? I tell you, you can know. You can walk to death, having been swallowed up by life. You say Issa. Will you say this name from your heart. I set before you an open door. Walk through it and live… nothing else matters.

Prime Minister – Mohamed Wali Akeik
So young and so old. Who are you, really? Is this what you thought it would be? Now you are surrounded and minded. You imagine power, but you are a dog on a leash. You do not have what you wanted. The craving of your soul remains unmet, and the irony is that you imagine yourself happy. But at night, you are visited on your pillow, you are visited in dreams and now you sweat and avoid sleep as long as you can. Can this be true, you ask. Can these night visions be true? Will I ever be able to get rest for my soul? Now, I tell you that you are being pursued. Three generations ago, a man was murdered for his faith that fell outside of your culture. His blood is calling me, and I am responding. Others have not heeded, but now I press you. What will you do? Where will you land in this eternal struggle of life and death. I am pursuing you, for I love you.

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(Northern Cyprus)President – Mustafa Akıncı, Prime Minister – Tufan Erhürman

President – Mustafa Akıncı
What are you doing? What do you see? Where are you going? Who is following you? Will you have eye salve put on your eyes so that you and those who follow you do not fall into a ditch? I tell you that many ditches have been dug. Some are pits for your demise, other ditches are dug by little hands in moist earth that is moistened by their tears and prayers. How can you tell the difference, you ask. The eye salve I provide you is called “humility,” and you must admit that you are blind before it will work. But, work it will, and it will mean salvation to you and others who are blind. I tell you, that your position is worth giving up if you can avoid the traps laid for you. They are meant to destroy, and that without remedy.

Prime Minister – Tufan Erhürman
The sound you attend to every day is a death rattle, uttered by those who are assigned destruction. They are not destined so, but it’s hard to avoid. For a bowl of soup, and inheritance is lost, and for thirty pieces of silver, eternity is lost. Take care what you spend yourself on. The life you live is the sand in the hourglass. No hand hold is offered in the sides, and only a helping hand from above will be offered. You can gaze at the unending stretch of sand, but all too soon it dwindles and you are swallowed. Mercy is extended, but you must look up to see the extended hand, and you must raise your hands in surrender to be rescued. Is it worth it? The grave does not speak clearly, but you should know well enough that few come back to testify. Will you receive the testimony of one who did? It is an old story, forbidden by some, but clung to for dear life by others. Which company will you choose?

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(Niue) Premier – Sir Toke Talagi, Governor-General – Dame Patsy Reddy[ζ]

Premier – Sir Toke Talagi
Coral, reefs, fish, plants… what a jewel you are to me. How lovely I have made your dwelling places. How lovely are Niue’s dwellings. The people are my passion, and I want to put into you a heart of flesh. Do I care or revel in pomp? Do I need decorum? What is your decorum, and what is the decorum of heaven. Justice and righteousness in the inward parts are my passion, and I start with you. You will be remade or torn down. Simply put, my great compassion for your people starts with you Toke. How could it be otherwise. I look on the heart, not the outward appearance. I search the hearts, and without new life, the old is far decayed and worthless to me and others. Now, come to the waves of heaven. Come to the shores of life, for the new tide is rising and will engulf you with goodness… if you will.

Governor-General – Dame Patsy Reddy[ζ]
The boredom you feel is of me says the Lord of Hosts. The dreams of your girlhood have not begun to satisfy at all, and now you pine, you languish, you loll about dreaming of more. Another man to care about you. Another maiden in whom you can confide. Another sunrise or sunset to tickle your fancy. None will do. One source, one fountain, one rock, one Lord, one faith, one baptism. One God and Father of all who is above all and in all. Now, as a virgin bride, come to my chamber and learn of me. You will receive exceedingly and abundantly above all you are able to ask or think. My mighty power will overshadow you and I will make you fit to give and take advice. This is you calling… discreet wisdom from my throne is worthy of a discreet and wise messenger, and I choose you. Choose life therefore and forsake the childish things, longings, and mischievous exploits the enemy has seeded you heart full of. Come, for important people have need of you.

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(Kosovo) President – Hashim Thaçi

President – Hashim Thaçi
Blood everywhere, and the many voices that call me. I must answer. I am a householder, and I am roused now. Men, of course, but women and children also. There you sit. What is building on the horizon? What is coming your way? A wave of cries that were ignored is approaching your ship of state. Do not be caught sideways, for great ruin will come with capsize. Face it or run… either way you’ll be a man and what will happen will happen. I don’t take prisoners, but captives I lead out of captivity. And so, what are you? Are you a prisoner or a captive? A prisoner will receive what he has sown and reaped, but a captive is innocent and will be delivered. Blood cries, and so will you hear the cry of the Blood to you? It is the blood that sets captives free. Be cleansed by joining the widows. Make peace with whom you can, and admit guilt where it lies.

Prime Minister – Ramush Haradinaj
What do you really want? What keeps you awake at night? What faces do you see when you close your eyes? These are what is really important… your social calendar and list of appointments are vapors… phantoms calling in the night. What is real, what is true, what is precious you must not sweep aside. These things, if you will attend to them, will bring clarity to your thinking. Look to Jerusalem. The leader is in the palm of my hand, and I turn him towards good places. Will you become pliable? This is not a rhetorical question, but is a question of life and death for you. I speak to real things, not theories. Look to the east and west, for opposing forces are forming. Formidable leaders await your allegiance, and you must choose. Timing is everything, and the signs of the times are at hand. You really know which way to choose, but it will take considerable pluck and a hard face to do it. As you quake in your boots, know that Herod and Pilate have voices for you to heed. Who do you say that I am?

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(Cook Islands) Prime Minister – Henry Puna

Prime Minister – Henry Puna
The call I send to you has been repeated without end. It is a sound all too familiar to you, for you have heard it as a youth. The waves that roar, slap, and caress contain my voice. As a young and innocent one, you heard and felt, but as the cares of this life invaded you, they took on less meaning and thinking yourself wise and sophisticated, you have discarded and swept aside their power. I say power, because you think that political power is important, but the time is coming and now is that your power will be removed and relegated to nothing. Upon what will you stand then? This has happened to greater ones than you and lesser ones than you. But now, it’s you. This will feel like betrayal, but don’t take it as a personal vendetta against you or anyone in particular. It’s the way of the world… some rise, some fall, it happens. But what will you do and say? Rail if you want, but he who humbles himself will be exalted… it’s my law of love.
Come now, for the stone church has my servant there awaiting your visitation. He will welcome you, and that will be special in light of what else awaits you in other places. Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. Choose the wounds and live.

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(Abkhazia) President – Raul Khajimba, Prime Minister – Beslan Bartsits

President – Raul Khajimba
A dollar is a dollar, and a dime is a dime, you could go take a walk, but you haven’t got the time. The wolves are licking their chops, and you are dinner. Will you save your flesh? Will you bargain with the devil? What do you have to offer to placate the destroyer who drinks the blood of innocents? The persuasion that persuades you right now will kill you. Softly and tenderly, in the quiet place after fear has had its day, I will visit you. This is the last time, for time is short, but mercy is not short that it cannot save to the uttermost. The signs in the sky have pointed to me, your ancients have pointed to me at their peril, even your top scientist has pointed to me in a moment of slackness and unguarded candor. As the candle burns down, as the last song is sung, it’s time… choose you this day whom you will serve.

Prime Minister – Beslan Bartsits
The intersection of time has come upon your dreams. The crossing of power and authority is at hand… but you cannot have both. Will you take power? It is your strong drink, but the loyalty of generals is a shaky thing for they fear neither man nor beast. Feed them, but the chains that hold them are tenuous and will dissolve against their resolve. Authority, ah yes, authority! This comes only from serving a greater one. And who will that greater one be? So let’s sit down, man to man, and reason together… it is written: though your sins be as scarlet, I will make them white as snow. Though the fig tree cast forth its green figs out of season, yet will my loyal ones never go begging for bread. If I say to one go, he goes. Make no mistake, for brute force, though attractive, will be a quickly passing drunkenness, but authority and government rest only in my pierced hands. Come and learn of me for I am meek and lowly… I will send you a teacher in secret. Do not throw him out, for he is the only one I will provide.

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(Zimbabwe) President – Emmerson Mnangagwa

President – Emmerson Mnangagwa
It is written, many that are last will be first. If you are the last, but now the first, what will you do? If you are called, in the most unlikely event to you or your peers, to step up and speak, what will you say? Consider what comes, for two impulses will vie for attention. False humility, or preening will both undo you. Simply step up and say simply what is in your heart. So, Emerson, what or who is in your heart? Have you been brought from the ashes and dung for such a moment at this? Are you your neighbors keeper? And, what if you are? What if you will be held responsible for the welfare of your neighbors? “Unfair” you might want to exclaim, but you know better. In such a game as life, you are dealt a hand and must make the best of it. You can bluff, bet everything, or ask to be dealt a new hand. I will deal new hands without measure, for my mercy is such that you can play and win… along with everyone else who plays, for there are no losers with me. The witch doctors will not tell you this, but I am the physician of your heart and I tell you that the transplant you are scheduled for is today. You thought it was just a recipe for a good dinner, but the dinner is a banquet and everyone is invited. You may arrive naked and ashamed, but I have garments that you had no idea about. Don them, enter, freely you have received, freely give. Life saving surgery for your children, life saving surgery for you.

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(Zambia) President – Edgar Lungu

President – Edgar Lungu
Black pearls of great price… my black shepherd. I do not look on the outward appearance, but I look upon and weigh the hearts. I measure the immeasurable, and I ponder thoughts and intents. I know your down sitting and up rising. I can feel your heart in my hands, for I hold it. Your frame I know, and I love it. Your mind is my easy chair, and you have made a place for me there. Now I tell you that the purposes I have for you will begin to unfold. The destiny of nations will tilt with you and your pacing before me. The weight I place upon your shoulders is fitting, and because we are yoked together and that you well know. Ask the women to help bear the burden for they will weep before me freely, and though men will shed blood, women’s tears will be kept, weighed, and provide the tipping point. Peace to your nation, people, and you… behold, I come quickly.

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(Yemen) President – Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, Prime Minister – Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr

President – Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi
Now, now, now said your mother. Now, now, now said your auntie. Now, now, now say the generals. Now, now, now say the nations. Today! I say. Do not think that you can grasp tomorrow, or do not put your weight on such a thing that you do not have. You cannot guarantee anything. Let your yes, be yes. Let your no, be no. Everything else is sin. Fate is fateful, it is tossed to and fro by those who love death. The risk, the chance, the rush and thrill of gaming tables is intoxicating. The adoring looks of women, those who captivate with their eyelids, it’s a vapor that sings its song to you. You are a bull being led to the slaughter, whose usefulness has passed. Hands are being rubbed, oaths are being sworn, new alliances are being formed… all in anticipation of your imminent demise. Will you fool them again? Will you slip from their grasp. Will the kings and princes grab you, only to have you slip away as a wily carp? Go to the coast, to the compound, breathe the air as if it’s your last breath… and with your breath utter the Name. It is written, “he who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

Prime Minister – Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr
Do not wipe your mouth on your sleeve. Do not allow saliva to escape the corner of your mouth. Do not break a sweat, even though the day merits it. It is written, “rejoice not over me mine enemy, for tho I fall, yet will I rise again.” Now the risen one speaks. No other name! Only one! Dare you utter it within earshot of others… friends and enemies alike? Yet, utter it you must. Your pious grandmother did, and she is among those forming a cloud over you as I speak. Though it is not time for rain, yet rain it will. Old ones and sages will mark this time and day. It is a sign from heaven and is meant to jar you out of the slumber, the folding of hands, and the assurances that all is well. All is not well… not with you, not with your people, not with your allies. Death from the skies lurks and awaits a simple command. Hide you will, hide you must, but there are no hiding places that will abide forever. Only one place to truly hide, only one cleft of the rock, only one place under my wing. Fly as a bird escaped from the fowler, for it is your last chance. Though it cost you everything, do it.

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(Viet Nam) General Secretary of the Communist Party – Nguyễn Phú Trọng, President – Trần Đại Quang, Prime Minister – Nguyễn Xuân Phúc

General Secretary of the Communist Party – Nguyễn Phú Trọng
What have I to do with you? What have I spoken to you? What do you think? The words you have heard about me that are worthy of death to even utter and consider… they are your only chance while you are adrift at sea. Each wave coming is larger than the last, and the succession is with out relent. The storm is increasing, and you have no control whatsoever. You can rage, weep, despair of life, and call on your ancestors. If they could, they would return with a testimony that would make your heart melt and your bones to shake. Yet, that is what’s is happening even now. Your medals, trophies, and the deference of others has lulled you before, but at this point, you have considered and know them to be wax before a flame. Friends and sycophants alike do not hold the water that will cause your tongue to drop from the roof of your mouth. Only my living water will do. Behold a series of dreams are coming. In one a snake in a tree of the jungle will tell you what you want to hear, but at this time you know that the words are poison… yet their allure will be irresistible. The second will be a beautiful woman who embodies all that is desirable. Her words will be smooth as oil, yet under tongue is the poison of an asp and in her embrace is the dance of death from which no man can escape. The last dream comes from the delta, from old Saigon. In the ground comes voices from martyrs that rewritten history has tried to sweep aside. But if you will listen, they will give you instructions for life. It’s your only chance.

President – Trần Đại Quang
Now that you have the title, what do you think? Is there yet another you crave? Is the appetite of a skinny man able to be filled? Is there yet another rung on the ladder? Is there more than you have now? Mark this: to whom much is given, much is required. The weight of millions is not a small thing, and I tell you now that your leanness of soul cannot bear it. Even the weight of your mother and father’s deaths are crushing. You did not imagine it, but now you know it. As you wrote them off as a lad, now you know better, and so what will you do? Are you sliding downhill even as you climb? Yes, and even more. Vines that you could grab and slow you down have become weight to add to the speed of your descent. There is only one vine ahead that will hold. You will have to forsake all and cling to it, for the vine dresser offers only one true vine. It is the least likely, and to your eye it looks like the one to reject, yet in your heart you know that it’s the last chance… my Spirit has revealed this to you. Cling with all your might and will, it will hold. All else will fall away from you, yet it is written, “naked you came into this world and naked you shall return.” I and only I can cover your nakedness, but I do so willingly.

Prime Minister – Nguyễn Xuân Phúc
This is your day… “Today if you will hear his voice, do not harden your heart.” “Today is the day of salvation.” Bumper crops will not save you. Public shouts of support will not save you. Nods from superiors will not save you. From the least likely comes a single name. If you utter this name without a spat, without doubting, you will be saved. It’s not difficult, but it is the most difficult thing you have ever done. You will lose name, standing, position, money, friends… so called; in short, it will cost you everything, but you will gain everything. It’s the best trade you can make, eclipsing even the marketplace trades that earned you renown amongst your your peers. There is not catch, no hidden charge, no reneging. You give Me your everything and I’ll give you my everything. Do it.

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(Venezuela) President – Nicolás Maduro

President – Nicolás Maduro
All flesh is as grass, here today, gone tomorrow dear one. It is written, “To whom much is given, much is required.” Also, “It is given to every man once to die, and then the judgement.” Again, it is written, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God.” And again, “Fall on the stone (Christ Jesus) and be broken, or it will fall on you and grind you to powder.” Also, it is written, “A broken and contrite heart He will not despise.”
So, my dear one, what’s it to be? What will you choose: death or life? I will tell you, life is better than death. But, you must know that he who will gain his life must lose it to me and the gospel. The ridicule you receive from man is nothing… a vapor… less than the span of a man’s life, and is not to be compared with eternity. You have nothing to fear about their faces if you will roll over, face the wall, and seek my face.
My soft answer is breaking up your fallow ground, but do not be deceived, “whatever a man sows, he will reap. He that sows to the flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” That’s my best for you, that’s my will for you. Choose you this day whom you will serve.

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