Afghanistan… Taliban

Did I wink? Am I asleep? You are alone and in free-fall, for you have no enduring rock upon which to build. Desperate times will require desperate measures. A drowning man will do anything to reach the surface for air. I have prepared a fish for you. I will show you the mountains of the deep. You may cry for mercy, or call upon your gods, but I say that there are dead and dying ones to whom you must listen. How shall you escape if you neglect so great salvation? I am not slack concerning my promises and word. It circles over you like the enemy drones, but you cannot escape my gaze. I winnow, I ponder, I weigh, I sift. What will you do, or where will you go from my presence? You think to proclaim victory over the only victorious one. Now, wait and see what I will do, for I will draw out upon the mountains. I will move in the desert. Let each man look to himself and not to another. That is a vanity you cannot afford, for the fear of man will bring a snare from which you cannot be untangled. What will tip the balance of the blood being weighed. Blood for blood, look to the pierced one if you want life.

About Kent DaVault

Believer, husband, father, grandfather, professor, voice to the nations. This blog is for comfort, exhortation, and edification. These are the attributes of general prophecy in I Corinthians 14 from The Bible. The entries are first person point of view from God as He prompts me what He would like to say. These entries are not scripture, I am not God, and all entries must be held to the light of scripture. I am human and therefore fallible. If any entries are not biblically sound, I welcome feedback... May you be richly blessed of God.
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