France… Bonn Homm Richard

I see the ship on fire, says the Lord. The namesake is a harbinger of things to come. Can you stop the fire. Man made errors have sunk many a ship, and you are no different. Will you return? Will calamity be averted? Behold, I send water from afar. It is the water of my Spirit with an attempt to re-hydrate you. You are parched, and wilting, yet will you see it? The water I send is connected to this word: Thy words were found and I did eat them. The Word and the Spirit agree. “Ho everyone that thirsts, come ye to the water, he that has no money come buy, and eat.” Will you be a goat in the peloton, or will you follow the breakout? Will you hydrate or wilt. There is a fire in the devil and it devours him from within. I have a fire in baptism from on high. It will burn away dross and purify. The seeds of your fall are already planted and within. Will you turn, or will you burn? Behold, my mercy is extended again.

About Kent DaVault

Believer, husband, father, grandfather, professor, voice to the nations. This blog is for comfort, exhortation, and edification. These are the attributes of general prophecy in I Corinthians 14 from The Bible. The entries are first person point of view from God as He prompts me what He would like to say. These entries are not scripture, I am not God, and all entries must be held to the light of scripture. I am human and therefore fallible. If any entries are not biblically sound, I welcome feedback... May you be richly blessed of God.
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