Washington State U.S.A.

My servant, the one you call the father of your country, prayed to me and I regarded his prayers. And now, how much more will I protect his namesake, your state. Righteous obedience I love, and a stubborn heart I resist. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and I will not allow the desecration to continue. The human sacrifices, bestiality, pedophilia, and incantations in seats of power will fall. I bring this to urge humility and repentance, for a contrite heart I will not despise, but he who hardens his neck will be suddenly destroyed, and that without remedy. In the east, a cloud is forming, and a hot wind is poised to blow. I will do things in places that have not been seen. As a sign, that which grows ferns will be barren and dry. As the parched land cries for water, I will give rain in the desert and it will blossom out of season. Then, as the groan increases, I will send a rain that will wash the streets in a day. I will run in rivers in the streets. A plague, a plague they will reply in your capital, but it is not the familiar one. What they call a plague I call righteousness. A great turning, a repentance from destruction will begin this fall and continue. What was prophesied about you, Washington, will begin to sprout and bloom. At last!, is the cry of gratitude. What has been pined for and yearned for will come. Look for the young and old to meet and embrace.

About Kent DaVault

Believer, husband, father, grandfather, professor, voice to the nations. This blog is for comfort, exhortation, and edification. These are the attributes of general prophecy in I Corinthians 14 from The Bible. The entries are first person point of view from God as He prompts me what He would like to say. These entries are not scripture, I am not God, and all entries must be held to the light of scripture. I am human and therefore fallible. If any entries are not biblically sound, I welcome feedback... May you be richly blessed of God.
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