Roll over on your bed. Turn your head to me says The Lord. Now is the time of the trouble of Jacob. The trouble that comes causes you to lay your head on a rock. Look up, for my angles are ascending and descending upon you.
See how the heathen, their princes and nobles rage and are consumed with vanity? Behold, if you can learn to praise me, I will discomfit them all and make a display of them openly. Know that those who have my ear have travailed long enough. Now, the chaos that envelops will be as the four lepers who sat in the gate. Watch, for the noise you hear is the enemy devouring himself. It’s a banquet they want, and a banquet they will get. In three months time, the world will be turned upside down. I say this ahead of time so that you will know that it’s me and my doing.
Abide. Abide, I say under my shadow. Seek my secret place. For in there and there alone will you find rest. And when rumors come to cause people to race about, when fear grips the heart of people, and when you see the abominable raise its head against my people Israel, you can rest assured that I will reveal my strong right arm. I will make the greatest ocean a puddle. My holy ones will span it, holding hands, and they will unite those on the other side who desire me to clasp your hand and watch your back.
The hearts of the contrary I hold in my hand. I will turn them, or they will cease to beat. In my mercy, I give them another chance, but the time is upon them where they are weighed in the balances. Some are wanting, some put their finger on the scales to assert a false tipping point. They will not succeed. But several will relent. A false balance is abominable to me, and I will not allow it to rule. Behold the enemy, drunk on blood, as he thinks that victory is his. Can a nation be reborn? Can a goat become a sheep? Is anything too hard for me, says the Lord. I will be glorified, says Yahweh.

About Kent DaVault

Believer, husband, father, grandfather, professor, voice to the nations. This blog is for comfort, exhortation, and edification. These are the attributes of general prophecy in I Corinthians 14 from The Bible. The entries are first person point of view from God as He prompts me what He would like to say. These entries are not scripture, I am not God, and all entries must be held to the light of scripture. I am human and therefore fallible. If any entries are not biblically sound, I welcome feedback... May you be richly blessed of God.
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