(European Union) President of the European Council – Donald Tusk, President of the European Commission – Jean-Claude Juncker

President of the European Council – Donald Tusk
Hello dear Don. Now, as the Daystar that arises in the hearts of men, I will introduce you the another “dawn.” As the sun arises on the just and unjust alike, I want you to know that you are neither high, nor low… neither here, nor there. It is written by one, “What is man that thou are mindful of him.” Your worth is secure because you are beheld by the worthy one. I look upon you and ponder your heart… your ways… your thoughts. I watch you arise and lie down. I will tell you a parable now: easing in ease is not easy.
Many a man, upon seeing the end of his days has lamented that the fleeting life he lived did not begin to quench his thirst, and is no more than a crust of bread. Let’s do business. Your suits, ties, chauffeurs, and comfort women will become gravel in your mouth… your teeth will break and your knees will shake. It is written… “It’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God.” So, buy clothes while you can, because you are naked and blind. I have robes of righteousness and eye salve so you can see. Let your heart say: “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.”

President of the European Commission – Jean-Claude Juncker
Meetings, meetings, meetings. The mind numbs, the butt aches, and the eye wanders. What did you want in young, winsome days? Lolling around the banks of a stream and catching a fish or two? How did you end up here? Is this all there is? you say. No… so much more. Your days must be caught up in the Ancient of Days. I do not sleep nor slumber. My eyes are flames of fire and my gaze penetrates all. Those who cry for the mountains to fall on them for a hiding place will be sorely displeased. Some who have come before you, who have been upbraided… their cry has reached me. The widow and orphan stand in mute testimony. The ancient one who desires the whole earth is an effete spirit, writhing before me in its death throes. This worm who deceived nations… shake him off your hand into the fire. His poison will not affect you if you look up to me… the one who was pierced. You know… you heard the message at a camp. It was a gathering that the mockers sneered at. It was in a delightful place, and your heart was still soft. Your promise made in secret now needs to arise to the roof tops. The many who will hear it will be glad, and an eternal procession will gain new ones… including you. It’s your choice.

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