(Syrian Interim Government) President – Abdurrahman Mustafa

President – Abdurrahman Mustafa
What is this you ask for? If Elisha saw his master taken up, the mantle was his. If you see the master fall, the master’s cloak is yours. Do you know what it is that you wish for? What have you learned? Are you a student of people? Are you a student of history? What do you think you really desire? People watch, yearn, scramble, survive. What well do you have that is deep enough for them to be quenched? What other herdsmen desire to cap you off, to cover with rocks and neutralize? Those who desire your blood are among family, friends, compatriots, and enemies. They crave and plot. They connive and desire. What the imaginations of man amount to is a ball tossed to and fro between those who love death. Will you love life?

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