(Supreme Political Council) President of the Supreme Political Council – Mahdi al-Mashat

President of the Supreme Political Council – Mahdi al-Mashat
Sand will filter through your fingers, and when you grip tighter you grip, the more you lose. What sand is in your hand? Is it the sand of power? Is it the sand of money? Is it the sand of women? Is it the sand of children? Is your life in your hands? How hard can you grip time and your life? Have you been frustrated at the lack of ascendancy in your position? Where did you begin? Into what were you born? Where are you now? How is it that lust is never full. How many women can a man service? One wiser than you fell. Come, let’s reason together now. Sit down and let’s talk. I will tell you of peaceful days that are still possible. If you open your heart, your hands, and your will, I will fill it beyond your wildest dreams. Though you die for it, yet shall you live.

Prime Minister – Abdel-Aziz bin Habtour
This time is a tether. You tether animals to hold them in place. I hold you in place to test you. Though the night falls, though the jackal prowls and the night creatures lurk, yet am I watching and faithful. If you pull away and run, their clutches are merciless, and their fangs sure. They will drink your blood and dine on your flesh. I tell you that the ancient words cast aside by many will be a tether for your soul. Do not kick against the goads of the driver, for they spur you on into the right path. Water will come, oil for wounds and cooking, food for the weary. Are you weary and do you yearn for the oasis of your youth? Cool water, dates, and a family fire in the evening. This and much more awaits those who will fall upon the rock. My name is Issa, and I am the Rock.

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