(Taiwan) President – Tsai Ing-wen, President of the Executive Yuan – Su Tseng-chang

President – Tsai Ing-wen
It’s hard not to look at the straight, but I tell you that the road for you is straight ahead. It is narrow, but it’s passable, for I will not fail you in your hour of need. So, do you know where to turn for help? Do you know that you need help? What do you know… tell me and let’s talk as men. I was there when you were formed. I saw your parts knit inside the womb. I know who carried you, and I know the prayers she prayed. Are you surprised? Little did you know that when you were little, she touched you on my behalf. You were marked. Now, mark what I say. Can a nation arise in a day? Will the world rise and take note? Will Mao’s spirit rise up and attack? I know what the end will be, and it is not fixed. Humble yourself under my hand and will. It will go well for your people, for I am sending anointed ones with burning tongues and my power in their hands. Watch and pray.

President of the Executive Yuan – Su Tseng-chang
Consider what a ransom does. Is the mouth of that who kidnaps ever full? What will a man give for his soul, body, or spirit? This I say, there is not enough, for the thief never says: enough! I however did say “it is finished.” The bride price was paid, the purchase consummated, and now I rest… awaiting my inheritance. Will you be part of such commerce? Will you partner with the payment, for I will have a full table. Will you attend. Come!

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