(Sahrawl Arab Democratic Republic)General Secretary of the Polisario Front – Brahim Ghali, Prime Minister – Mohamed Wali Akeik

President – Brahim Ghali Does your heart say there’s more? Are you thinking about posterity and legacy? And what will the people say. Will they hiss and thank God you are gone? What will you do to avert the judgement that you hold in fear? Don’t you know and has it not been said that you cannot know? I tell you, you can know. You can walk to death, having been swallowed up by life. You say Issa. Will you say this name from your heart. I set before you an open door. Walk through it and live… nothing else matters.

Prime Minister – Mohamed Wali Akeik
So young and so old. Who are you, really? Is this what you thought it would be? Now you are surrounded and minded. You imagine power, but you are a dog on a leash. You do not have what you wanted. The craving of your soul remains unmet, and the irony is that you imagine yourself happy. But at night, you are visited on your pillow, you are visited in dreams and now you sweat and avoid sleep as long as you can. Can this be true, you ask. Can these night visions be true? Will I ever be able to get rest for my soul? Now, I tell you that you are being pursued. Three generations ago, a man was murdered for his faith that fell outside of your culture. His blood is calling me, and I am responding. Others have not heeded, but now I press you. What will you do? Where will you land in this eternal struggle of life and death. I am pursuing you, for I love you.

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