(Northern Cyprus)President – Mustafa Akıncı, Prime Minister – Tufan Erhürman

President – Mustafa Akıncı
What are you doing? What do you see? Where are you going? Who is following you? Will you have eye salve put on your eyes so that you and those who follow you do not fall into a ditch? I tell you that many ditches have been dug. Some are pits for your demise, other ditches are dug by little hands in moist earth that is moistened by their tears and prayers. How can you tell the difference, you ask. The eye salve I provide you is called “humility,” and you must admit that you are blind before it will work. But, work it will, and it will mean salvation to you and others who are blind. I tell you, that your position is worth giving up if you can avoid the traps laid for you. They are meant to destroy, and that without remedy.

Prime Minister – Tufan Erhürman
The sound you attend to every day is a death rattle, uttered by those who are assigned destruction. They are not destined so, but it’s hard to avoid. For a bowl of soup, and inheritance is lost, and for thirty pieces of silver, eternity is lost. Take care what you spend yourself on. The life you live is the sand in the hourglass. No hand hold is offered in the sides, and only a helping hand from above will be offered. You can gaze at the unending stretch of sand, but all too soon it dwindles and you are swallowed. Mercy is extended, but you must look up to see the extended hand, and you must raise your hands in surrender to be rescued. Is it worth it? The grave does not speak clearly, but you should know well enough that few come back to testify. Will you receive the testimony of one who did? It is an old story, forbidden by some, but clung to for dear life by others. Which company will you choose?

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