(Niue) Premier – Sir Toke Talagi, Governor-General – Dame Patsy Reddy[ζ]

Premier – Sir Toke Talagi
Coral, reefs, fish, plants… what a jewel you are to me. How lovely I have made your dwelling places. How lovely are Niue’s dwellings. The people are my passion, and I want to put into you a heart of flesh. Do I care or revel in pomp? Do I need decorum? What is your decorum, and what is the decorum of heaven. Justice and righteousness in the inward parts are my passion, and I start with you. You will be remade or torn down. Simply put, my great compassion for your people starts with you Toke. How could it be otherwise. I look on the heart, not the outward appearance. I search the hearts, and without new life, the old is far decayed and worthless to me and others. Now, come to the waves of heaven. Come to the shores of life, for the new tide is rising and will engulf you with goodness… if you will.

Governor-General – Dame Patsy Reddy[ζ]
The boredom you feel is of me says the Lord of Hosts. The dreams of your girlhood have not begun to satisfy at all, and now you pine, you languish, you loll about dreaming of more. Another man to care about you. Another maiden in whom you can confide. Another sunrise or sunset to tickle your fancy. None will do. One source, one fountain, one rock, one Lord, one faith, one baptism. One God and Father of all who is above all and in all. Now, as a virgin bride, come to my chamber and learn of me. You will receive exceedingly and abundantly above all you are able to ask or think. My mighty power will overshadow you and I will make you fit to give and take advice. This is you calling… discreet wisdom from my throne is worthy of a discreet and wise messenger, and I choose you. Choose life therefore and forsake the childish things, longings, and mischievous exploits the enemy has seeded you heart full of. Come, for important people have need of you.

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