(Kosovo) President – Hashim Thaçi

President – Hashim Thaçi
Blood everywhere, and the many voices that call me. I must answer. I am a householder, and I am roused now. Men, of course, but women and children also. There you sit. What is building on the horizon? What is coming your way? A wave of cries that were ignored is approaching your ship of state. Do not be caught sideways, for great ruin will come with capsize. Face it or run… either way you’ll be a man and what will happen will happen. I don’t take prisoners, but captives I lead out of captivity. And so, what are you? Are you a prisoner or a captive? A prisoner will receive what he has sown and reaped, but a captive is innocent and will be delivered. Blood cries, and so will you hear the cry of the Blood to you? It is the blood that sets captives free. Be cleansed by joining the widows. Make peace with whom you can, and admit guilt where it lies.

Prime Minister – Ramush Haradinaj
What do you really want? What keeps you awake at night? What faces do you see when you close your eyes? These are what is really important… your social calendar and list of appointments are vapors… phantoms calling in the night. What is real, what is true, what is precious you must not sweep aside. These things, if you will attend to them, will bring clarity to your thinking. Look to Jerusalem. The leader is in the palm of my hand, and I turn him towards good places. Will you become pliable? This is not a rhetorical question, but is a question of life and death for you. I speak to real things, not theories. Look to the east and west, for opposing forces are forming. Formidable leaders await your allegiance, and you must choose. Timing is everything, and the signs of the times are at hand. You really know which way to choose, but it will take considerable pluck and a hard face to do it. As you quake in your boots, know that Herod and Pilate have voices for you to heed. Who do you say that I am?

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