(Abkhazia) President – Raul Khajimba, Prime Minister – Beslan Bartsits

President – Raul Khajimba
A dollar is a dollar, and a dime is a dime, you could go take a walk, but you haven’t got the time. The wolves are licking their chops, and you are dinner. Will you save your flesh? Will you bargain with the devil? What do you have to offer to placate the destroyer who drinks the blood of innocents? The persuasion that persuades you right now will kill you. Softly and tenderly, in the quiet place after fear has had its day, I will visit you. This is the last time, for time is short, but mercy is not short that it cannot save to the uttermost. The signs in the sky have pointed to me, your ancients have pointed to me at their peril, even your top scientist has pointed to me in a moment of slackness and unguarded candor. As the candle burns down, as the last song is sung, it’s time… choose you this day whom you will serve.

Prime Minister – Beslan Bartsits
The intersection of time has come upon your dreams. The crossing of power and authority is at hand… but you cannot have both. Will you take power? It is your strong drink, but the loyalty of generals is a shaky thing for they fear neither man nor beast. Feed them, but the chains that hold them are tenuous and will dissolve against their resolve. Authority, ah yes, authority! This comes only from serving a greater one. And who will that greater one be? So let’s sit down, man to man, and reason together… it is written: though your sins be as scarlet, I will make them white as snow. Though the fig tree cast forth its green figs out of season, yet will my loyal ones never go begging for bread. If I say to one go, he goes. Make no mistake, for brute force, though attractive, will be a quickly passing drunkenness, but authority and government rest only in my pierced hands. Come and learn of me for I am meek and lowly… I will send you a teacher in secret. Do not throw him out, for he is the only one I will provide.

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