(Zimbabwe) President – Emmerson Mnangagwa

President – Emmerson Mnangagwa
It is written, many that are last will be first. If you are the last, but now the first, what will you do? If you are called, in the most unlikely event to you or your peers, to step up and speak, what will you say? Consider what comes, for two impulses will vie for attention. False humility, or preening will both undo you. Simply step up and say simply what is in your heart. So, Emerson, what or who is in your heart? Have you been brought from the ashes and dung for such a moment at this? Are you your neighbors keeper? And, what if you are? What if you will be held responsible for the welfare of your neighbors? “Unfair” you might want to exclaim, but you know better. In such a game as life, you are dealt a hand and must make the best of it. You can bluff, bet everything, or ask to be dealt a new hand. I will deal new hands without measure, for my mercy is such that you can play and win… along with everyone else who plays, for there are no losers with me. The witch doctors will not tell you this, but I am the physician of your heart and I tell you that the transplant you are scheduled for is today. You thought it was just a recipe for a good dinner, but the dinner is a banquet and everyone is invited. You may arrive naked and ashamed, but I have garments that you had no idea about. Don them, enter, freely you have received, freely give. Life saving surgery for your children, life saving surgery for you.

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