(Yemen) President – Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, Prime Minister – Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr

President – Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi
Now, now, now said your mother. Now, now, now said your auntie. Now, now, now say the generals. Now, now, now say the nations. Today! I say. Do not think that you can grasp tomorrow, or do not put your weight on such a thing that you do not have. You cannot guarantee anything. Let your yes, be yes. Let your no, be no. Everything else is sin. Fate is fateful, it is tossed to and fro by those who love death. The risk, the chance, the rush and thrill of gaming tables is intoxicating. The adoring looks of women, those who captivate with their eyelids, it’s a vapor that sings its song to you. You are a bull being led to the slaughter, whose usefulness has passed. Hands are being rubbed, oaths are being sworn, new alliances are being formed… all in anticipation of your imminent demise. Will you fool them again? Will you slip from their grasp. Will the kings and princes grab you, only to have you slip away as a wily carp? Go to the coast, to the compound, breathe the air as if it’s your last breath… and with your breath utter the Name. It is written, “he who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

Prime Minister – Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr
Do not wipe your mouth on your sleeve. Do not allow saliva to escape the corner of your mouth. Do not break a sweat, even though the day merits it. It is written, “rejoice not over me mine enemy, for tho I fall, yet will I rise again.” Now the risen one speaks. No other name! Only one! Dare you utter it within earshot of others… friends and enemies alike? Yet, utter it you must. Your pious grandmother did, and she is among those forming a cloud over you as I speak. Though it is not time for rain, yet rain it will. Old ones and sages will mark this time and day. It is a sign from heaven and is meant to jar you out of the slumber, the folding of hands, and the assurances that all is well. All is not well… not with you, not with your people, not with your allies. Death from the skies lurks and awaits a simple command. Hide you will, hide you must, but there are no hiding places that will abide forever. Only one place to truly hide, only one cleft of the rock, only one place under my wing. Fly as a bird escaped from the fowler, for it is your last chance. Though it cost you everything, do it.

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