(Vatican City) Sovereign – Pope Francis, President of the Governorate – Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello

Sovereign – Pope Francis
Where have you come from, and where are you going? You have two histories. You have the legacy of the position, and you have your personal journey… and now the two have merged. Can a fountain bring forth salty and sweet water simultaneously? Come again to The Branch and I will purify, for the fountain is large, and many seek to drink. You must fall again on the stone, for the need is so great. Do you look for guidance in any other source? Do you seek the counsel of the world… you who have renounced the world and all its trappings. The spirit that seeks to work through your Governorate is ancient and seated comfortable. I do not say that it’s immovable, for the violence with which I have displayed my presence is poised again. Too many prayers have accumulated and what is crouching in secret will be drawn out and displayed. As a fat serpent, I shall take my word and open its belly. Those whom it has devoured will be displayed to the shock of the world. But, cleansing is necessary for some devoured ones must be raised. Now, I show you a mystery. I show you a palm that has four fruits. Three are bitter, but one is sweet. The smallest fruit is the one and is uncomely. The other large ones are… gall, astringent, and wormwood. The homely fruit is honey. It is attended by my messengers and is what the world has thought to label as “naught.” Though there is no outward comeliness that we should assign sweetness to it or even desirability, yet that which the reapers have rejected, the messengers have exalted… all at my bidding. Now, eat of that fruit and I will cleanse your inward parts. I will expose the hidden works of darkness, and I will bring a mighty wind to blow away the chaff so that my grain may be gathered and retained. Simple people with simple faith are awaiting justice and mercy. And, I will give it to them. I will answer their requests… with or without you. I give you hearty counsel… I give you true riches, I give you wisdom from on high, and I give you a scepter of judgement, for it is written that judgement must begin in my house.

President of the Governorate – Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello
What stalks at noonday? What pestilence abides, even in bed chambers? What will men give for their souls? What ransom or absolutions are sufficient? Will my blood be trampled underfoot? It has a voice and cries out even now… strip and bow low. It is written, naked you come into this world and naked you will leave. Buy of me garments dipped in blood. Buy of me raiment that does not grow old. Look to be clothed with wedding clothes and come at my bidding. Now is the time, today is the day if you will hear. Positions are fleeting, and the line of ascension is long and impatient. Make no mistake, you are in sight. Parvenurs salivate as they watch you, and your flesh they desire to feast upon. This spirit is called “appetite,” and is never filled. It has taken up residence in your Governorate and thinks it has a right. Others have assented or ignored, but your calling is for such a time as this. Your anointing is as Jehu who overthrew Jezebel without remorse. The dogs await, and your calling is clear. Now, Giuseppe, now.

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