(United Kingdom) Queen – Elizabeth II[γ], Prime Minister – Theresa May

Queen – Elizabeth II[γ]
Dearest Elizabeth, I come once again to your side with my anointing. It has kept you, instructed you, guided you, and spoken to you. I yearn to show you even more of myself, and while you are in your tent still, I want to do that. It’s not just for you, but it’s for many more people. I am preparing a forum for you… it is unlike any other you have heretofore known. It holds sway more than you can imagine. What do those who whisper know, what do they know? I place you above the naysayers, the gainsayers, and the nonsense of vain men. Let vanity be far from you, for the heathen imagine vain things. Their imaginings bounce to and fro between their ears and they imagine that others hear and take note. Look to your heart again, for I am bringing something new to it. I will plant a new seed there, and I mean for it to grow. It’s small, like a mustard seed, yet it will become another place for the birds of the air to build nests. It is written that man looks on the outward appearance but I still look upon and ponder the hearts. So, I am going to review with you one and all. I will have you change some opinions, and then to pray. Twine that is tangled will be pulled straight, and long will the line become. I will stretch the line and snap it, for crooked places must be made straight, foundations must be re-established, shored up; for I will add and build higher than had heretofore been imagined or dreamed possible. This is the seventh era, and I mean it to be a rest to you, ceasing from striving, and entering into my works only.

Prime Minister – Theresa May
You desired to be iron too. Your desire to follow your predecessor was of me, but following and being are different. Times are different, and this new dawn is for England of old. The Chunnel is for export, not import. You are not part of the continent, never have been, never will be. Your commerce is your heart, so don’t lose heart. Rather, keep your heart with all diligence for out of it I will issue forth a new dawn, a new message, a new day. The light does not come from the east, and it’s not pink in the morning. Though, there is a warning, it is not to be overly heeded. For, I will arise directly over you… not from the North, South, East, nor West. I am the Daystar that arises in the hearts once again. You will talk, you will walk, you will appear differently, for I mean to visit you with a new resolve. A new vision I will give… one from of old, but renewed in the hearts. Those who run about and think themselves chic will be exposed. The dandies will also be spanked. It is written that I chasten the ones I love, for what father will spoil his beloved son? I will harden with the rod of correction, and the peaceable fruit of righteousness will be had. Waiters will wait, smiths will forge, carpenters will repair and make new. I come upon those workers with their hands. New mine shafts will be sunk, new ships will sail, renewed commerce will spring forth. The stagnant waters will be drained like the sun’s hot breath on the moor. All of this is my doing, simply because you wanted iron. So strengthen the feeble knees, lift up the arms that hang down, for you did not imagine all would happen without a stiff fight. I sill bloody the nose, I will bruise the soul, I will scourge those who need it, for my hot, jealous love burns brightly now for the Realm. Your legacy will be secure as you stay the course, nothing doubting, unwavering, and full of faith that I will do what I showed you I will do. Though it tarry now, I will do it for I am faithful.

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