(Uganda) President – Yoweri Museveni[α], Prime Minister – Ruhakana Rugunda

President – Yoweri Museveni[α]
Black, very very black. How dark is desirable? Will you succumb to the tide of times that desires lighter countenance, or can I shine in your blackness? Will my light find home and abide with you? I who caused the light to shine out of darkness have shined in your heart and soul. I will demonstrate, yes even brag on my glory through you. I resist the proud but give grace to the humble. Quiet yourself before me and learn more than you ever did before. I give you wise counselors. Do not despise the women I provide to you for they are discreet and weep in secret. I collect their tears on your behalf and pour them out before my flaming messengers who will fight for you. You needn’t lift a finger, for I am jealous over the covenant between us. Keep your heart therefore with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life for your country.

Prime Minister – Ruhakana Rugunda
Blood, blood, blood enough and no more. The cry that arises to my ears is loud. The ground weeps to give up its offering so that the weak can be avenged. Will I stay the avenger’s hand? Will I find intercessors who will plead the cause? This is Uganda’s finest hour, and I mean to display my triumph over the land. I mean to raise a standard that can be seen from a great distance. I will crush the mouth of the gainsayers and break their teeth. They shall no more lord it over you, for you choose the good Lord. The people are like those who dream. Alliances come from the West, seeking how to help indeed. No requests for fealty are coming, only heartfelt compassion. I have raised up Mordecai for this time, and the gallows are ready for Haman. Behold, the prince of this world is judged, and the stain on the land is washed in the Lamb’s blood. This is the cleansing that was purchased.

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