(Tuvalu) Governor-General – Sir Iakoba Italeli, Prime Minister – Enele Sopoaga

Governor-General – Sir Iakoba Italeli
Glittering water, stretching away as far as you can see. Who else sees, or has seen what you have? Winsome days, fish, friends, and fun. What heritage! Yet, you also suffer lack. Dreams of more, dreams of what you have seen others possess. Distaste for that which you are surrounded with has tainted your mouth. Now, what will you do with the bitterness? Your stomach churns quietly while greed and envy vie for the title. Yet, in your heart of hearts, you know what to do. The ancient landmark of faith that rests on your lands tells its tale. It’s faith, not culture that will carry you and your people. They live simply and desire peace, not what you yearn for. Let them have what their heart desires, for it’s a beautiful thing that I long to export to others. Let the beauty of your people so abroad… go and come home, go and come home. It will be a great blessing to so many.

Prime Minister – Enele Sopoaga
A man of another season and time you are. Two hundred years ago, such statesmen were esteemed. Now, you have been derided as one out of touch with the times. I tell you that a good heart, a sound mind, and a smile are never out of custom. Envy and vanity look upon you and gnash their teeth. They lurk to find fault, but you have resisted still. Know this, that by integrity is a throne established, and by character it is secure. Search for wisdom, and call her your bride. Such a one embrace, for wisdom will hold you secure and will brush aside the futile plots of desperate men. I will set you on high, I will place you in the unassailable place. I will bring you to my right hand to intercede with me. People await your righteous prayers, and I wait to answer them.

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