(Tunisia)President – Beji Caid Essebsi, Head of Government – Youssef Chahed

President – Beji Caid Essebsi

Stand up now and be a man. You wanted to be a man, saw your father speak and act, and that’s all you know. Look about. I am sending a contrarian to you. He will rub you the wrong way, but turn around, face the opposite direction, and he will be rubbing you the right way. Don’t worry about appearances, for nothing now is what you think. The world is spinning and turning in ways that befuddle you, and more so the ones locked in their old ways. The way of the desert is coming to a close, for time has made a wasteland of what are old ways and paths. An old landmark, however, remains. It is what will keep you anchored as the shifting sands under you cause many a great fall. Infidels have keys that you need, and I am opening your heart and mind so that you may be saved from sure destruction. I have put desire for truth in your inward parts, and you will follow that yearning of your youth to the truth.

Head of Government – Youssef Chahed

Lizards, vipers, and scorpions are waiting for your arrival. They all rest in shade while you toil in the sun. It is not noble to waste your strength on that which is a mirage. The heat will cook your brain, and you will not think straight. Voices on the right and left call you, but sure destruction is in their throats. Their tongues are not with you and they do not love truth. Now, if you will, lay down and rest. Do not make the palace your home. Do not make sumptuous food your fare. Be lean and hard. If your neck is hard, you will be destroyed, but if you will choose the harder ways of avoiding youthful lusts, you will do well. Look now, your guides are old women, and they require nothing of you. They see you for the man you are, and the one they know you can be. They mutter among themselves, and their pronouncements will leave you naked, but they are compassionate and will not deride you. Their prayers will carry you over waste places, and you will know when you are safe.

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