(Trinidad and Tobago) President – Anthony Carmona President-elect – Paula-Mae Weekes, Prime Minister – Keith Rowley

President – Anthony Carmona

Things are not as they seem. What was safe in the past is fraught with danger now. You cannot trust in uncertain riches, for if you are not rich towards me, you have nothing but slippery rocks. This you have sensed right well, yet you have not cried out to me as your grandfather and grandmother did in their youth, for times were hard, but they received my message and lived before me. They asked for a godly seed, and you are the result. Get up and do not look to the right or left, but walk straight ahead, for therein does your salvation lie.

President-elect – Paula-Mae Weekes

You have struggled for this moment, and now that you have it, many are rubbing their hands, desiring their portion. Do not regard flattering tongues, do not look to the assurances of “hurrah,” and “well done,” for now is the time of true work. The palace will not keep you warm, the bed will not comfort you, the servants will not succor you, for you now have few friends. In your loneliness you will finally come to me and realize that your mom was right. The men mean to feast on your flesh, and the women will cause your ears to ring with requests. Now you must find true ones, and looking for gray hairs will serve you well. Look for soft answers and straight talk. Smiles are traps laid for you and you cannot trust them. Since the flower of your youth has passed, settle in and rule well. My promises are yes and amen, even to you.

Prime Minister – Keith Rowley

So, the Kingdom was formed on the true Kingdom, and this you know in your head, but your heart has drifted far from me. Can dross be winnowed from slag. Of course not, the fire must be applied, and if you find yourself now in a fiery trial, rejoice for I am near to you. Really, you were born and formed for this time, for some will wilt, stagger, compromise truth, and sell whomever for a bowl of soup. You are not made of this. You will stand in the day of adversity, and therefore you will be found standing in the day of visitation. From unlikely places of little renown my deliverers are coming, and they are neither young nor old, but they are timeless in me. Ok, rise up and do your duty, for I am with you.

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