(Togo) President – Faure Gnassingbé[α], Prime Minister – Komi Sélom Klassou

President – Faure Gnassingbé[α
White is white and black is black. So can they mix? If you think either is pure, you are deceived. Look around at the multitudes. They walk, work, eat, marry, and die. The rhythms of life continue. And you Faure… where are you in the ebb and flow of life and death? I saw you before you saw. I knew you before you knew. I named you before you had a name, and now your name is exalted above many your peers. You are fearful and cling to what cannot be grasped. A handful of oil is your life. It flows through the fingers of time, and there are two things that can happen, one one thing will happen for sure. As your life flows, if there is a vessel into which it can flow, your life will be put to use. The sure thing is that you cannot grasp and retain it yourself. Now, what vessels are awaiting your life? Heat for cooking, machines for oiling, and skin for blessing. I want to make your life to be a savor for others to taste and come to me for it is written, O taste and see that the Lord is good.” I also mean for the wheels of commerce to roll along and bring abundance to the people, and your life can remove friction and facilitate goodness. Skin will dry and become cracked and brittle. Women need oil for their skin to make the next generation, and your life is called to help that. If you will come to me, I will make your life a blessing… if not, squeeze though you may, the residue of oil left will only be carried to your grave.

Prime Minister – Komi Sélom Klassou
Komi, Komi, Komi, I am calling you in the night seasons. Komi! Awake sleeper and arise. Time does not wait for anyone, and you are no exception. Look to your business diligently, for many will commit errors, and you must catch them lest your life and legacy be tied to them. Take heed Komi. The buffalo is dumb and pulls weight, but much good comes from his strength. Don’t be offended, for your land is in need of your strength. Pull, Komi, pull! I will come alongside you, for my yoke is easy and I make your burden light. Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly. You cannot do it alone. No shame, no shame. Here is a riddle of life: The string that is pulled tight will make a sound. What is the sound? The answer is that he who tightens the string does so for a note, and the note is the vibration of life, love, and tune. So, I will stretch you and put you in tune with my kingdom, my purpose, and my life. Your song will be for the people to dance to. Otherwise, if you keep tightening, you will snap and break. Then you will be replaced, and what will become of you?

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