(Thailand) King – Maha Vajiralongkorn, Prime Minister – Prayut Chan-o-cha

King – Maha Vajiralongkorn
Now I see that all is a mirage, you say. You echo what many kings have taken all their lives to say. Now what? You have begun to think of legacy. What memories will document your reign? Will you carve in stone? Will you have songs penned and sung to laud your time? Do you want pageantry from your people? Shall they praise you? I will tell you now to lay up your treasures in heaven. What are these, you ask. Wisdom to help your people, with no trumpets to announce your mercy and largess. Quietly send out righteous spies to hear what the people say. What is on their hearts. Ask me for the wisdom to help them, for I give liberally and I do not scold you for asking. Do you think this is weak? I tell you that righteous hearts and actions are strong, and will provide you an abundant entrance into my Kingdom. Look now to your heart, for the true Kingdom and King is near you. What your household has beheld and listened to, they will tell if you ask. The road for you will become clear not many days from now.

Prime Minister – Prayut Chan-o-cha
Consider the butterfly, says God. Look how it struggles to escape its restraints. See the network of life in its wings. Note how it moves and absorbs life from the sun. Without struggle, there is no strength. Without timing, flight is not possible. Consider all your country’s struggles. Were they in vain? Are you just a pretty ornament for the world to behold. There is great beauty and flight coming. The many threads that held you these many years will lie as husks as you depart. They will be only remnants and a distant memory as you drink the nectar of life. Other neighbors will watch you and learn. I am He who will lead you and protect you. You must prepare for bigger stages whereon you will alight. As a honey bee, I put pollen on you for you to move elsewhere. Many neighbors need what you have struggled for. Keep your heart therefore will all diligence, and surround yourself with others who have struggled righteously. I will send them… do not consider their outward appearances, but I will show you hearts. I will put my words in your mouth… only allow my Spirit to enter you. Eternal dwelling places are your inheritance… see to it that you receive them.

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