(Tanzania) President – John Magufuli[α]

President – John Magufuli[α]
Go the the market and see all the baskets. Every size and shape. I tell you that they cannot contain all the fragments that I have that are the overflow of the provision in store for your people. They are hungry, so what will you do about it? I say this to prove you, for I know what I am about to do. The sign and wonder will make world headlines. Your obscurity will be no more. Can your nation be called out in a day? Can your nation be a headline? Now I do a new thing. I call you into partnership with me, for I am El Shaddai, the one who provides more than you can ask or think. This will be marvelous in your eyes. Come to me now, humble yourself under my hand, for I will exalt you in your due season.

Prime Minister – Kassim Majaliwa
The earth is moving under your feet as I speak. Great rifts are opening. Gas is released, but more than that, cracks that appear show how the powers are being shaken. The ancient ones in villages can see it and feel it. They are sending runners to announce the end of days and the beginning of days. They have read the signs in the heavens and have a sure word. You will do well to listen to them, for the headlines in the papers are written by blind ones leading the blind. How will you know the signs of the times. Gray hair and weathered skin will stand you in good stead. Juju will do nothing except lead you to death. It is toothless roaring. No, I say that a chief is a chief, and he will have sure words for you. I tell you that I have servants who are announcing what is, and what is to come. They spare not nor do they mince words. Heed them and live.

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