(Tajikistan) President – Emomali Rahmon[α]-Prime Minister – Kokhir Rasulzoda

President – Emomali Rahmon[α]
I have followed you to the ends of the earth, the end of your hope, the end of your patience, the end of your rope. You are merely hanging on at this point. Who knows you, and who sees you. Do they know your plight, or even care? I am the Lord who heals. The affliction you have now in your feet will be your undoing unless you are healed. Many say for you to get your house in order, but I say for you to get your heart in order. Now is the time, this is the appointed hour. Ask your wife, a devout woman who has cried tears over you. She knows that you have been good and faithful in a measure, but she also knows that you need a savior. That’s where I come in. I will save to the uttermost those who call on my name. Will you call? Will you humble yourself and bow like a bulrush? The thirsty soul will be watered, the hungry soul will be fed. Ponder such mercy and abundance today.

Prime Minister – Kokhir Rasulzoda
I am mindful of my promises and I do not lie. What you said to me when you were a child and looking at the stars… I heard. You whispered, “can I know you?” Now is the time for you to know. Now is the time for that presence and question that I framed in your young breast to come forth. I actually now come to you. Like the wind you do not know from where i came, but you can feel me blowing. A smoking flax I will not quench. Where there is smoke there is fire, for the wind of my spirit is blowing on the embers of your life. You will come forth to testify, even to your own peril… or to your greater peril you will stay silent. This is that which old men in the desert have whispered about. Rumors that they cannot repeat but which they have embraced will find their way into your ears. You will hear things forbidden to say, ponder thoughts that are unlawful to think, and believe what you have been warned not to consider. Your life is a wisp, a vapor, and this you know right well. Up now, it is time for you to do what would have been unthinkable not many years ago. Shouts of “Life, Life” will spring forth at your rising.

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