(Syria) President – Bashar al-Assad

President – Bashar al-Assad
I have my my man. What you have been counting on is failing, because there is little left of you to dine on. You have been volleyed back and forth over the net long enough. Choose you this day your ally. The covert ones who have approached you now have an offer on the table. You will not be a friend, but you will not be an enemy. This is nothing more than a replication of countless regimes in the world. Yet, if you will offer peace and safety to some, a region will be saved. And I mean to use you, or others will use you for their aims. Heaven is camped on your doorstep, prayers have been prayed for you and the realm, answers are coming, flaming messengers are moving into position, and there will be change. Even members of your household are standing on knife’s edge, and I tell you that you will do well to follow their lead, for it is written, “even a child will lead them.”

Prime Minister – Imad Khamis
You are not neutral, even though you think it’s a hiding place from the fray. Woe to him that cries “peace, peace” when war is imminent. Use your voice quietly, discreetly, and to people whom I will show you. So shall you and your house be saved. Calamity and destruction are salivating and awaiting your fall so that they may feast on you. They spare not, but I the living God am poised also. The voice behind you saying “come this way” will be with you whether you turn to the right or left. But, turn you must, for the broad path upon which you travel is not the narrow one you imagine it to be. It’s called “destruction” and its call is sweet. Its maw is hell itself, and will spare not. I am meek and lowly, easily entreated, and full of compassion. But will wisdom be heard?

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