(Sweden) King – Carl XVI Gustaf

King – Carl XVI Gustaf
Lines are formed, lines are disrupted, lines diverge, lines converge, and tangents are not unheard of. What is your heritage? Is it a mere keepsake on a mantle, or is it divine? You must answer. Let your answer be a good witness and testimony to the truth. You cannot shirk nor defer. I do not think you will shrink in the days of adversity that are upon you. You were made for this time, the stage is yours, the house is quiet, and ears are attentive and tuned. Stand for posterity, not applause, for much is weighed in the balances. Is a sure foundation merely an ungainly and homely ornament to what is built thereon, or is there a comeliness intrinsic that is worth honor and attention. Draw attention to substance and the day will be won. Focus on the expedient, and you’ve created a room doomed to destruction, for at the floods beat upon the house, the sand and sands of time will record the fall with a lament and a sigh. Stand up O King.

Prime Minister – Stefan Löfven
A statesman is a statesman, and a serf a serf. Choose this day which road you will travel. Vassal nations never set out to be so, but are conquered from without or from within, or both. All guards must be wary and not quit their post. With barbarians at the gate, you must see the truth, for a horse with a cavern has ruined more than a Troy. If one’s heart is not with you, you cannot embrace him in the day of adversity, for it is written, it’s like putting weight on a broken ankle. And, adversity is here. It is a sin to remove the old landmarks, for what will you say to the young ones when they ask? What anchor do their ships have and where is safe harbor? I tell you that the winds of adversity are fierce… they will not spare any. Their teeth are like iron, their eyes bloody, and their mouths speak perverse things. You cannot embrace coals and remain unburned. You cannot hold onto sand but that it will escape through your fingers. You cannot pound sand and make progress. I tell you that only fierce heat will melt sand and it will then become the looking glass that functions as a window to truth. I have fire enough and the sand is being heated. What is it to you if I call you to be a forge? Will you apologize for turning up the heat if that is what you are formed to do? Will not the blacksmith who wields the hammer move to another forge for fulfilling his calling, leaving you to the ravages of time and loss of purpose? Let it not be said that you fell with a whimper.

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