(Suriname) President – Dési Bouterse

President – Dési Bouterse
You rage silently, who knows us? Who knows we exist? Who cares, and what must I do to get the recognition due our people and name? I the everlasting Lord tell you this day that I know you. Your names are written in my books and the palms of my hands. They were pierced for my joy over you, and soon you will have more attention that what you can imagine or think. The resources under your feet are craved by the world. The permission you gave for exploration will yield untold riches, but they will be your undoing and destruction if you waver. If you mean to consume wealth on your own lusts and to make up for past snubs, you will die. I tell you that many powerful ones are already rubbing their hands and salivating before they feast on your flesh. “I forgot my teachers and I have entered foolishly into destruction” will be your lament. But, be of good cheer, for I have provided a way of escape. For one of my names is “The Way.” You have several NGO’s who have a heart for you and your people… attach yourself to them for they do my work. Widows and orphans are close to my heart and I am rewarding them for their faithfulness. They are allies and brothers who are not your brothers. Look past the skin and the kin. I am bringing a band to you that will to do my will… you are included. Hide yourself now in the caves of silence so that I can speak to you. Seek hearty council from those who keep close council with me, says The Lord. I am the chief of chiefs and you will do well to come to me alone.

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