(Sudan) President – Omar al-Bashir[α] Prime Minister – Bakri Hassan Saleh

President – Umar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir
Underneath your feet is more than you imagine. You stand on the sands of time. Blood in the sand cries out to me. The King of Babylon had feet mingled with clay. You are of the earth, and you have sand as your inheritance. Glass is formed from sand, and I mold today a glass for you to gaze into. Look now at yourself and what do you see? Look for me, the Ancient of Days and what do you see? Do you see a shepherd… yes and more. Do you see a Lord? If so, you see clearly, and now what will you do? Do you hear me calling? I am calling you because of my great love for you and I do not want the spilled blood to be on your hands, nor the cries of widows to be laid at you feet.

Prime Minister – Bakri Hassan Saleh
What you hear whispered on the wind is my voice. At night, in the coolest time, I come to you. Seven nights you will be awakened, and I will speak… man to man I will tell you what you have and have not done, what you are and are not doing, and what I want you to and not to do. I do this out of compassion, for you are surrounded by those who speak out of the sides of their mouths. Their hearts are far from you and you have no counselor whom you trust. Plots and lies swirl like a storm in the desert. You cannot see and can scarcely breathe. I am your only oasis. I am your only source of water and food. You have searched and felt after me without knowing me. Now I reveal myself to you through your heart, and through your sister. She has met me and hides in fear to reveal who she knows. Bring no reprisal to her when she shares, because it is out of love and respect that she will speak. She does not covet your position or power, but I have called her to deliver manna of life to you, for you cannot trust anyone else at this time. The sands of time in the hourglass of your life are opaque to you, but I tell you that the hour is late and today is the day of salvation.

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