(Spain) King – Felipe VI, President of the Government – Mariano Rajoy

King – Felipe VI
Kings come and kings go, I raise one up and bring another low. Here you are with many years, and you are stepping into the balances. The desires of your people, the destiny of your nation are in the balance. You are opposite. If you’re willing, I will help you and uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness. You will see my desires for the people fulfilled, and I, the King of Kings, will be glorified and full of joy to see them prosper. I am drawing you into covenant with me, not formalities, but man to man. We must talk as men for there is an enemy that wants to destroy the people and enslave them… it is the goat that wants your nation to join his herd. Will it be sheep or goats? Remember, I am the good shepherd.

President of the Government – Mariano Rajoy
Roots work first. They push down, deep, to bring up nutrients… for as you go, so goes the nation. If you will embrace the obscurity and limelight, I will establish you and cause you to flourish in your calling. Not many will know, but I know. And, you know… that’s enough. All that supports the flower which one day blooms and then passes away is the true plant. We celebrate the flower, but wise ones know that it’s the plant that abides. You know that pruning goes with the territory, and that you cannot shrink back from it. More fruit is the result, and really, withering and dead wood is an encumbrance that weighs heavily on the living. Here I come again, and you can rejoice in the husbandman’s ministry.

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