(South Korea) President – Moon Jae-in[α], Prime Minister – Lee Nak-yeon

President – Moon Jae-in[α]
The moon is reflected light, and serves for light in the darkness. The times and seasons are marked by new moons. Now is the appointed season for you, for you are a new moon rising. I call you a harvest moon, for a time of in-gathering is here. Reapers are sent forth because of your rising, and great rejoicing is underway. It’s a bumper crop that’s coming and the sheaves will fill my storehouses. The celebration in heaven will redound on earth. That which has been longed for on calloused knees will bring great joy, relief, and rest. Those things that have been reserved for the end of time will sparkle and amaze. The wine I am pouring out is the best that has been saved for last. Finales are finales and I tell you that the part you are playing is the reserved spot from times of old. The peninsula that you govern is surrounded by water, and there are waters in the firmament that have been reserved for this event. I call you a “water feature,” and the rest you will bring signifies a sabbath from rancor. A catalyst foments a chemical event, yet remains unchanged and unscathed. Not only are the women of your family called of me, but the men also. A congealing of my Spirit in your bloodline has brought about this day. Arise and be blessed. Let all the nations be blessed and shout aloud with joy at your rising.

Prime Minister – Lee Nak-yeon

Who can live without a second fiddle? What we see lifted up is supported by no less than what can be counted on to lend true support. For is the support fails, all the wreckage is wreckage indeed. A picture is framed, a runner runs a course, and a meal is served on dinnerware. You are not despised, negated, or minimized. And your glory is to lend glory. A storehouse is not an end in itself, but provides safe harbor for that which is precious. It is written, “A faithful man, who can find?” I have found you. You were almost lost before, but I preserved you, strengthened you, and formed you for this time. A child is knit in secret but is then birthed for all to see. I knit you in secret but now is the time. Your support will not go unnoticed, and I who am in the secret place… the one sought by the desiring ones, I will be found by you and my reward is open.

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