(South Africa) President – Cyril Ramaphosa

President – Cyril Ramaphosa
You were a dandy to some and reviled because of your pedigree, but there is also a dark side that is secretive and reclusive. In you there are two warring factions. It is written that a man cannot serve two masters, and you have tried to do that. I the Lord am light and in me there is no darkness at all. Bring yourself and your deeds to the light, for if I do not winnow you, there will be a shaking that will leave you undone. Furious men crave power and your face tells them that you are weak. You cannot, however, embrace their rage for it’s not in you. Since you prefer quietness, come to me for I will give you wisdom and courage to rule well. You have walked to the end of the footsteps you have had to follow, and the shoes you wear you could never fill. You must become your own man, and I will do this with you if you’re willing.

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