(Somalia) President – Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, Prime Minister – Hassan Ali Khayre

President – Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

Look from your bubble. Outside are real people, dirty, hungry, bleeding, and dying. Can you hear them? I can, says the one God. Do you know that I am filled with compassion? Let me tell you again… I am filled with compassion. I lift the widow, the orphan, the homeless, the forgotten. I embrace the ugly, the smelly, and the odious. If by any means I may win some, I break the will and bone with kindness. I bend the stiff ones with grace. I lift the humble but resist the proud. Once more, I the everlasting and only God tell you, Mohammed, I love the unlovable. Even those who sit, protected and smug, proud and haughty, wealthy due to unjust gain gathered from the blood of the helpless. What will I have to say to those who garner wealth at the expense of misery heaped upon others? Will I, the righteous judge let judgement slide forever? No, you say. You have answered well. Now this I tell you one more time… I have great compassion on the crushed ones. What will you do now? And what will you say if you don’t.

Prime Minister – Hassan Ali Khayre

The cries of bereft family members touched you before when tragedy struck your home. The loss of loved ones touched your young soul deeply, and though some pressure to be severe has made inroads into your heart, yet you remain touchable. I am easily touched with the infirmities of others, and you, in a measure, are too. It is not enough, but it’s a start. I will begin to create a spot in your heart that becomes flesh. The stony heart will be replaced, because it’s my good pleasure. The comings and goings from ancient times will arise as your portion, for the Ancient of Days is on your trail. Look to the East, for the Daystar is bright. I will send a sign to you so that you may heel to and surrender… One of your family will be saved. They will confide their faith in Issa at great peril. Much hangs in the balance because of your answer. You are in the balances. Eternity for many hangs in the balance, and your heart is naked and beating in your hands. Will the blood of others be laid at your feet? Rise up and do what is right, that it may be well with you and your kin.

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