(Solomon Islands) Governor-General – Sir Frank Kabui

Governor-General – Sir Frank Kabui

Hi Frank, I have something to say that will bless you. Come up here to a higher place. This place is in the heavenly places, and it’s where your true passions lie. You read about and pondered the classic literature and wondered whether it is a true representation. It is, but not nearly enough… it’s even more, and better. I will draw you near now, and as you call upon my name once again, I will be pleased to answer. Eye has not really seen, nor ear really heard what I have prepared for those who love me, but now I reveal them to you by my Spirit. This time you will say, “it’s enough.” Welcome home dear Frank.

Prime Minister – Rick Houenipwela

I’ve got your back. I’m in front. Let’s row as a team. Feel the rhythm and smell the waves. This is my partnership I offer you. I come to you as a friend and a brother. I have a parentage for you that is ancient. It’s more ancient than the lore of the sea that you heard your grandfather tell about. What lies beneath the surface is depth. I want you out of your depth, for only then will you truly trust in me. The people need you, and you need me Rick. As the birds that return from the sea to nest, you have returned. You are in your nest, only do not make a false nest, for other birds want you to hatch their eggs. I have formed you for this day. Watch over what you have been entrusted with. Visit the ancient church, kneel down at the ancient altar, and offer yourself again. Promises offered in your youth were promises indeed, and I will support you now. I never left, but now I am here in a new season, for you have need of more of me. Your charge is holy, and I am holy. Let’s row together, Rick.

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