(Slovenia) President – Borut Pahor Prime Minister – Miro Cerar

President – Borut Pahor

What do you think you are doing? Do you imagine that you are in control? Many who have gone before you have thought so, but the reason you have great consternation now is because I love you so greatly. The night sweats, the panic attacks, the stammering in sentences have come upon you because it is your appointed time. Did you think the end of the world would come upon you? Did you know that there was a reckoning approaching? Well, it is here and I give you a ready answer if you care to know it. Or, if you will face eternity alone, that is your choice too. I give you hearty, loving counsel now. I tell you to buy bread and wine. Sit in a plaza and consider life. It’s a vapor. What you think you have, you do not have. What you yearn for is greater than your ability to obtain. So what to do? Kneel down now and let’s talk as men. You have need of a savior, and I am the savior. It’s simple. It is written, whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. Now, do that. You will not be sorry.

Prime Minister – Miro Cerar

As people bustle past you, running their errands, being about their charges, I tell you to listen and observe. Few get this chance that I am providing, for not many noble, not many rich, not many well placed will have many moments of true clarity. If I told you how many have sought me on your behalf, you would be incredulous. You know that not many are enamored of your policies, and even fewer care to be with you. You have shrugged and counted it the high price of office… the lonely post to which you are called. These thoughts to not tend to plenty, but penury instead. Leanness of soul stalks you as a relentless hound, and he will pounce when you least expect it. But, this moment of true clarity has been purchased; it’s a free gift, but not cheap. Now that you see your visage, much like the picture of Dorian Gray, what do you think?
Most men imagine themselves as robust, even though the ravages of time has eroded their bodies. Yet, the leanness of soul when fully viewed will often drive a man mad. Remember the old tale of Scrooge? What was the new course he set? Will you do the same? Will you change your heart? Bring true fruits of repentance. So shall you deliver your own soul, and that none too soon.

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