(Slovakia) President – Andrej Kiska, Prime Minister – Peter Pellegrini

President – Andrej Kiska

Do you remember the head scarf your mother wore? How bright and gay, for she was vivacious and loved me. Her dancing before me was both a delight and an later an embarrassment to you. Forsake the embarrassment Andrej, for the fear of man is a snare. The opinions of the crowd will become spider webs that wrap you up, cause you to second guess important decisions, and eventually neuter you. Listen now, for the words you mom said, I too will say, for I gave them to you… “Little beloved Andrej, don’t trouble yourself about the big boys, for you too will be big someday and I do not want you to become one of them. I want you to be big for God on the inside.” How your heart was comforted by those words. Now, what do you say? I call you to remembrance this day to not forsake the way of your mother, bind her words upon your heart, keep them and live, for they are life to those who find them and health to all their flesh. She served me well, and you are called to serve me and your people. So up, it’s time to be a big boy.

Prime Minister – Peter Pellegrini

Red wine, mother’s cooking, olive oil, shaded promenades, sidewalk cafes, delightful conversation… who wouldn’t like such a time? Yet, I tell you that a time is coming and is now breaking upon you as a wave on the shore. This time will bring strife enough, as powerful leaders suggest demands that will make your knees tremble. You will smile, look thoughtful, furrow your brow, but I tell you that your life is in your hands and you must consider well your answer. These men have taken council to draw and quarter your land and your people. They do not care a whit about precious life, and you will do well to remember that when you answer them. So, make an alliance with heaven, and look to the west from where the wind blows. Buy true friends and alliances. Sell all and follow me. More than just you hangs in the balance, for many people’s lives are expecting you to do the right thing.

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