(Singapore) President – Halimah Yacob Prime Minister – Lee Hsien Loong

President – Halimah Yacob

The world is a stage. You are now preparing for an entrance. Many did not see everything coming, but it’s the tip of the ice berg. It’s my global warming, and I, the Prince of Peace, am at work. Why now, you may ask. I have free course for rivers of water and life, and what people will see will cause second looks. I turn the hearts of kings in my hands, and I raise one up while another comes down. People are beginning to run in the streets and noise aloud the tidings. Look to the East, for the sun is rising. Look again and the curtain is rising. Now is your time, step up.

Prime Minister – Lee Hsien Loong

You studied through great weariness. You pressed your mind until numb. You dug deep, but now it’s pay dirt. The mining that has been going on with you has been intellectual, but now I call you a miner of the heart, for I will have hearts of men. I cause a shift in your heart, for a rich deep vein runs through you from your grandparents. Though your parents were not fervent in faith, I tell you that you are especially moved through the prayers of your grandparents. I must answer these prayers, and I tell you that you will meet one of my chosen servants not many days from now. He will tell you words from me, and impart wisdom from above. I mean to shift entire landscapes. I will cause great upheaval in the hearts of men. Public opinion will change overnight. People will stutter in disbelief, for words will fail them. I will give a sign. An old blind man will see. A disfigured woman will walk. I will display before all my great love so that I can bypass the minds of unbelief. You will receive credit, but I will be glorified. You will be raised up, but I will display heaven. The contacts that are coming for you will be no less than Switzerland, and I will establish a new fame for your land. Watch, for floods are coming.

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