(Sierra Leone) President – Ernest Bai Koroma

President – Ernest Bai Koroma

How many times will a woman bemoan her man, wail at the loss of a child, or suffer abuse at the hands of warriors? Your ground has abundance of blood that cries out to me. The cry has ascended to heaven, and the stored up tears of many are poured out before me for such a time as this. “For such a time as this” Esther heard. Sanctify unto me a fast. Call an assembly. Render unto me the calves of your lips in holy sacrifice. For I will answer, and woe unto he who tries to thwart my mercy. Purge the ju-ju for it is an abomination. I will send a servant to announce and verify that the tribal magic and amulets are nothing. I will heal to the uttermost. Even the land will heave and shudder as a woman who brings forth a child. Look for this: A tremor, a wave that has never been seen, an upwelling of water from springs newly opened, and an uprising of the women who pray. These women will wail before me in holy travail, for a man must come forth to set in array all as it should be. Are you the man, Ernest? Will you emerge and step up to kneel and make holy proclamation, or should I look for another. Many are called but few are chosen. I do not call the large, the preening, the proud, or the pedigreed. I call the humble from the humble. Remember when you were small in your own sight, and seek that again. I am coming to sift so prepare the ground of your heart.

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