(Poland) President – Andrzej Duda

President – Andrzej Duda
It is written, “a faithful man, who can find?” I have found you Andrzej. I have searched you and known you. I have watched and proven you. Now is the time that I will raise you up an a banner for all to see. Some will despise you, some will mock, powerful ones will take note and keep their peace. The people will rejoice. If popularity was the measure, you would not be where you are now. You know that the accolades of the rich and powerful are merely measuring you for a coup. I will come upon you so that you can winnow clearly those who are faithful and those naysayers and sycophants who speak out of two sides of their mouth. They are clouds without rain. By their fruit you will know them. Ok, it’s a new day, a new hour and a new wind is blowing from the west. To some it is death, but I tell you that it is the savor of life unto life. Do not be afraid to embrace it, fear not their faces, and I am with you.

Prime Minister – Beata Szydło
With no second fiddle, there is no harmony. Without harmony, a threefold cord is impossible. Notice, that I will weave you, Andrzej, and I together. We will uphold many, even outside your borders. What is a rag in the wind? Look at your borders. I tell you that the wind blows where I determine, you cannot see it but you can go with it. Now, the winds of history are shifting, and I mean for you to unfurl your sails and go with me. This is the time that nations are hanging in the balance. Sheep and goats are forming. If you love your nation and people, let my words sink down into your hearts. I will give you sure words, sure direction, sure hearts, and a sure salvation. I am the Lord.

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