(Peru) President – Pedro Pablo Kuczynski[α]

President – Pedro Pablo Kuczynski[α]
Presiding over a land bordered by upwellings from the sea, I tell you that three aunts of yours have been used by me on your behalf, for it is written that out of a believer’s belly will flow rivers of living water. The upwellings of intercessions on your behalf have come before my throne and I have moved, but am moving more on your behalf. I surround you on the right and left, front and behind. You are compassed about with goodness, and I mean to penetrate your heart. Surrender to love. Surrender to my plans and purposes for you, for these women cannot be denied. You know them by name, and they have watched your rise. Now they see the need of the people and the great need you have of heaven. This is a severe mercy, for salvation will come one of two ways. You will be pulled from the fire, garments spotted by the flesh, but saved… as yet by fire. Or, you can fall upon the rock and be broken. Choose the latter and I will use you and your posterity, testimony, and legacy will be established.

Prime Minister – Fernando Zavala
I call you to dress down and filter among your people. Hear their talk, smell them, know their desires. Especially, visit the household of faith, for your country prospers, not from fine government, but because of the government of heaven. The sounds of life is that which has been seen and heard before. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. The weeping has been done, the price paid, and now is the harvest. Put your hand to the work at hand, bless the people for they are fruitful and prosper. My message goes forth in power, my kingdom expands, the poor have the gospel preached to them. Blessed is that leader who does not set himself in opposition. When the righteous rule, there is great joy in the city. They run and shout for joy. Pride, however, goes before a fall, and if the blind lead the blind, they both will fall into a ditch. Take heed now what you hear, whose hand you take, and that you you walk in the light.

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