(Cuba) First Secretary of the Communist Party – Raúl Castro

First Secretary of the Communist Party – Raúl Castro

Biding your time. The forces that have been unleashed cannot be stopped. The moneyed interests have more power than you think. Can you open the shades and stop the sunlight? Those who have sat in darkness will adjust their sight, look around, and stand up. “Every man for himself,” is the murmur that will become a roar. Morsels of bread will not satiate, and lies will be exposed. The baker and the client will grab hands and there will be a feast. With the fall to the east after 70 years, can a mere island escape? As the tide rises, you can loose the moorings or drown, the choice is yours. The tide of history is strong, but will the rising tide of believers be the salt to stop the rotting flesh of an emaciated carcass? Many roots go down to the aquifer. The blood of some of my noble ones, along with their prayers, have held the destroyer at bay. Little did you know or understand that widows and old men have saved your life. It is written, “some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.” You have a short time to remember the Name. The writing hand is poised in front of the wall, but the message can be changed. Will the message be written in blood? Let the message be written upon your heart, not a stony heart, but a heart of flesh.

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