(Belarus) President – Alexander Lukashenko, Prime Minister – Andrei Kobyakov

President – Alexander Lukashenko

Left is right, and right is left, so which way will you go? Those who turned the world upside down are among you. They are walking dead, yet they live. They love when they are hated, they are accused but do not revile back. They love and never fail. What’s a leader to do? You cannot stop the wind, you cannot change the tides. The wind that is blowing and the tide that is rising is all around you. What will you do? There is one to whom the winds and the sea pay heed. His advocate is among you, even your staff. In quiet places council is given. In times of pressure, they do not faint. You have marked them and have wondered. Their fidelity is unwavering, yet they do not have the party spirit. I have you surrounded now, and it’s time. Much hangs in the balance. No man knows when his time has really come. Much like a woman will feel the time of her labor and there is no return, so it is with you. How will you look on the other side? A woman has joy because a man is born on the earth. What will come of your Labor, Alexander? Many men are mere footnotes to history. A few men are revered. Can I say to you that you can be on the right side of history? The heights upon where you stand are dizzying, and the further you go the more narrow the way. Do not opt for the broad way, it is called, “destruction.” Hear now the path I put before you… it’s called “The Way.” A woman attendant has been prepared to make you an offer. Consider well the invitation and the cost of “yes,” or “no.” Your reservation can be given to another, should you decline.

Prime Minister – Andrei Kobyakov

Some count you out, but I don’t. There is a line of faithful ones in your family. Prayers have been offered for generations, and you are the beneficiary. What will you do with such a blessing? Will you waste your life with harlots and gamble away the blessing? Esau carefully sought to restore his inheritance with many tears but those tears evaporated in the atmosphere of self-sorrow. Anyone can look back with remorse, but now I will give you eyes to look ahead and repent. A wise man sees the danger and removes himself. Your “savta” knew me well, and she knew you well. The cakes she baked for you were your manna, but the love she showed was mine. Hearken back to your young days and understand that the very air you breathed was laden with my Spirit. The yearning you have on your walks… it’s Me. I am calling you home to pay your vows. I hear the pure vows of young hearts and I honor them. I never forget. I have permission to chase you if you stray, authority to pluck you from the fire, and compassion that never fails. Come home Andrei, come home.

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