(Bangladesh) President – Abdul Hamid, Prime Minister – Sheikh Hasina

President – Abdul Hamid

Abdullah is your near kinsman, and although some have hinted that he is against you, I tell you that he is for you. Those who would curry your favor are the ones who sow discord, seeking their own gain. Listen to your wife for she has studied you and is wise. She can tell your moods, read your face, and measures her words before she speaks them to you. Even so, your recent anger towards her is not merited. She hit a nerve in your conscience because you have compromised what is right, and it’s hard to kick against the pricks in your heart. Embrace me, the God of Abraham and I will give you a clean heart. Old things will pass away, and all things will become new. The times and seasons of this time in your life are like the clouds that pass overhead. You look up, ponder, but then you look back down. This time, I will send a remarkable sign in the sky to arrest your vision. It’s me again and it’s time for you. Come to life and live.

Prime Minister – Sheikh Hasina

I heard your sigh today. I listened as you walked and reminisced about your childhood. Simple days are gone, but simplicity is as close as your mouth and the breath you breathe. My servant said that he was determined to know nothing but the simplicity of Christ. Do not let the enemy of your soul beguile you and seduce you away from the simple, winsome love of God. You are called to it. All your duties pale in comparison to this truth. If you must, sell all, relinquish your governmental seal, shed your vestments and walk away. Will a man buy his soul, and at what price? Where will you go for this sum, and to whom will you give it? Were you there when the innumerable sands were ground up and distributed. Did you give the camel his capacity and strength? You ride what you do not know, and you walk in what you did not create. A humble heart I will not despise. Humble yourself therefore under the mighty hand of God and he will exalt you in due season. Seek out the believers in Christ, and they will show you the way wherein you are called to walk. There are no tracks to follow for the wind has swept them away, but the eternal sandals await your step, and you must know The Way, walk in The Truth, and receive The Life.

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