(Argentina), President – Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, President-elect – Mauricio Macri

President – Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Heaven has wept for you. It’s not that you have done things worthy of intercession, it’s that the depth of love that has no limit has chosen to focus on you. It’s not of works but of grace for I will have mercy on those whom I have mercy on. Your efforts to show grace have not gone unnoticed. You have sown seeds which I have given, and cast bread upon the water. The seeds will sprout, and the bread will return on the waters not many days from now. Prepare to continue, for the relationships that have been formed will be strengthened as you turn the next page of your life. The need for others to curry favor will be removed, pretenders will fade away, and faithful friends will arise to partner. This will be your finest hour, for all the preparation heretofore will be put into perspective. Also, you will be drafted into new service. Wait upon my timing for promotion comes from the Lord.

President-elect – Mauricio Macri

It’s a new day, and expectations are high. The hope that has been deferred has created sickness of heart, but I tell you that the promises that I have will be not only a tree of life, but a forest of life. Hasn’t my Spirit been poured out upon you? I will continue the flood. Judge yourself righteously, humble yourself under my mighty hand for I desire to exalt not only you, but the nation. I will expose naysayers and sweep them away like dust. I will show you faithful men and women… I will add Daniels, Mordecais and Esters to you. The government of heaven is upon my shoulders, and now you have a government upon yours. Take my yoke upon yourself therefore, learn of me for I am meek and humble, resist the devil and he will flee from you. Much blood is crying out to me, martyred ones are calling out of expectation. My mercy rejoices against judgement, so if I tarry a bit more, it’s because there is much people upon whom I will show compassion. I will send one of my servants to you. See that you do not refuse him, write down his words so that every word will be established. Consider well and live. Weep for your people and yearn for them to prosper. The spirit of anti-Christ has been rebuked and waves with bread upon them are about to crash upon your coastline.

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