So much hangs on you. Deliverance will come, but who knows but that you are called for such a time as this. If your eye offends you, pluck it out. If your hand offends you cut it off. Remember, as little leaven leavens the whole lump. Many are holding their breath, awaiting righteousness to arise within you. This time, this event, will mark you forever. Step up, awake to righteous judgement oh my people. Cry aloud and spare not. Lift up your voices like trumpets, for the day of battle is at hand, and calamity awaits at the gates to see. Do not think that a punt, a shirk, a shrug is sufficient. As you go now, so goes multitudes. Stand up and be men.

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Do you think the gold rush is over? I will put my words in preachers’ mouths and it will become more precious than gold. Can I export it? Yes, I will. I will noise abroad, as I did with John the Baptizer, a rugged gospel. I will birth miracles in the land of the Northern Lights. I am seated in Mt. Zion on the sides of the North. Make no mistake, the glory of the northern lights is a sign of my glory on the sides of the north. Though austere, yet the gospel is clear. Behold, as I move the lights south as a sign and wonder, it’s to confirm that my glory will fill all the earth. It signifies the entrance of my word, for it gives light and understanding to the simple. Come then, and receive. You are the highways and byways I spoke of. I call you to the wedding reception and banquet. I give you robes of righteousness. I cover you with heaven’s best. It’s time.

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I have heard cries and shouts in your woods. I have seen my beloved ones running and crying after me and I have come upon them to pray, sing, and prophesy in my Name. What has been done in secret is now going to be rewarded openly. Watch your star arise with no human effort. The mockers and gainsayers will be astonished and dumbfounded. Will their derision abate? I think not, but it will be heaped upon their growing iniquity and will be melted in the face of my glory. For my glory shall arise for all to see on those who have been marginalized and criticized. It is written, a broken and contrite heart I will not despise. So shall it be… for my approval will be stamped upon your preachers and my body. Rejoice therefore, for you are leading where few will follow.

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Call the midwives

She sits now on the birthing stool. No woman has joy until the child is born. The pangs will be washed away in joy. Look! It is written: “Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children” Look! Look! It’s a brand new man! The middle wall of partition is broken down. Now shall the virgin rejoice in the dance, both old men and young men together! I release enzymes upon the Earth, and they shall eat the plague. “Where did this come from” those who examine the petri dishes will exclaim. As a steam engine without fire and water, the effete plagues will peter out. They shall be put on a spur as a relic, testifying to my law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus. Testify! Break forth! Let the pithy silence be broken with laughter, for the kings of the earth salivated, prepared for the feast of flesh, but those upon whom they thought to dine… they have eaten the bread and wine. The body and blood of the Son of Man has cleansed and made whole and their expected wicked banquet is where they dine upon themselves. They cock their ears, and hear the shout… they imagine a vain thing. They leave their goods and run into the night.
See the hopeless lepers. They are a despised little troop, but they have nothing to lose. They move towards the enemy camp and see the victory first. The cry will go forth, and everyone who thirsts will come to the water and he who has no money will come, buy, and eat.
Watch for heavenly furniture to arise, for it will testify of me. I will display to those who have craved eye salve. I will reveal to little widows and orphans my delightsome truths. The wise and proud will cry, “unfair, unfair,” but I will show them their deeds and their heads will hang in shame. All of this I will do and more, for righteousness will rain down, “He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law.”

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President Donald Trump

Because you were not ashamed to say my name in the Christmas proclamation over the United States, I am not ashamed to proclaim your name in the court of heaven. The incense of prayers have come up before me, and the bowls of prayers have been cast before my throne. I lift one up, I bring one down. I shield from harm and I allow reaping of what was sown. Now you have fellowship of my sufferings. I am exalted, and so I lift the veil now to reveal what was hidden. I pull back for all to see the harlotries committed thus far. Those who desire righteousness will be glad, those exposed will gnash their teeth and all will hear and see. The plumb line is hanging, and I stretch a line now upon America. I snap a dividing line for future foundations to be laid foursquare and sure. The master builders, so called, will be ashamed at the ruin that is coming. The sand upon which they have built will wash away quickly, and their edifices will come down with great crashes. Look now to the East, for the Daystar is arising upon my bride. The decorations are set, the table spread, the company is summoned. This is the hour. This is the day. The tremors are in the earth, for the groans of waiting are over. The coronation is at hand. Trim your lamps, keep your oil. What I do on the earth is what is done in heaven.

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And to the Republic, the United States of America

Do not think that the currents that swirl now are the end… they are the beginning. The ebb and flow of history is now creating eddies. In these eddies are remnants of faithful ones who have not bowed their knee to Baal. The major flow of the river is headed for a giant waterfall, it falls to hell and the mists boil up with the cries of many. At last, as my word goes forth like the dew, like the hoarfrost, and like the snow, a melting will come and a fresh river, clean and pure, will flow again and seek new watercourses. The eddies of the faithful contain the roe of my word which the Holy Spirit has fertilized. The word will birth many and a renewal of life will ensue. The river will teem with life. The cry of the infants will resound throughout the land. A new “Boom” of life will explode upon the waters and shores. My chosen ones from ages past, that great cloud of witnesses will shout. My flaming messengers are now descending upon ladders into portals that have been opened with the tears, intercessions, and worship of my remnant. “This is that,” “this is that,” will be noised abroad. Older men and women will give birth… elderly women will give suck, and elderly men will mount up to run and fight again. Watch and see… behold the outstretched right arm of God.

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Antigua and Barbuda

Sanctuary, a sanctuary! they say. And you open to them to receive what they offer. Your sunny shores and sandy beaches… blue and clear water! How seductive, what a nice way to get money. Yet, you settle for baubles. Seek from me the true riches. Seek from me the treasures that are hidden in secret places. Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of soup… thereby despising what I offered. Now, for bits of paper, mostly going to those over you, you now settle for crumbs. You go to the sea and obtain food. You live in huts and sleep on the ground. All this is OK, but there is a trove of riches that I offer you. Buy oil, and if you’re thirsty and hungry, come and eat. The manna I feed you will be bread enough, the water I offer you is living and will quench you to the uttermost. Shall I say my Name? Don’t you know, have you not heard the word that has traveled to your shores? It is not a culture, it is a Kingdom without end. Let’s reason together, for though your sins be scarlet, they will be washed in blood to be white as snow. It’s an old story, and it’s a new one. Now is your time, today is your day, this is the hour and it is late. Seek me while I may be found, for the time is coming when men will claw their faces and women their breasts, weeping and exclaiming, “Oh that I would have listened. Oh that I might have another chance.” It is written, “today is the day of salvation.” The Spirit and the bride say “COME!”

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Who watches us? you say. Do we matter at all? Crumbs of the world are dropped to us from the birds of the air, but we want more, you say. now I the sovereign Lord say to you, though you be small, yet are you mighty. Because I am for you, know that I have not taken my eye off you. I have not forsaken you. What must I do to move the hearts of rulers. Pain and anguish, words from a wife, a brother, even a son. So I am moving so that when the break comes, it will be complete. Yet, I am birthing something in the jungle. I am moving in secret, but it will come into the open soon enough. The whole earth is trembling now with birth pains. As I bring forth new life, it will be mature, not a child. Can an adult be formed? Yes, I say, and more. New, new… I make all things new. The big crusades have left. Never mind, for the seeds sown are maturing, and what I bring forth will be mature already, and able to lead. From within, from my Spirit, I will come. I will do a quick work, for the day is well spent. Now I say to you a parable. What bores into a tree and kills it, yet the tree comes to life again. Here is the meaning: the insects who make their home in the wood leave a deposit of new growth, and so through that which seemingly brings death, I give life. So it is, that the words of death and calamity spoken over you will be changed by me, for my words will bring life. Those who suffer loss will be refilled. Those who are overcome, I will make overcomers. Though some die, yet shall they live.

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When a man finds a pearl in a field, he goes and sells all to buy the field. So, I sold all to buy you, Andorra. Though you be widely overlooked, yet shall you rise at an appointed time. You are my adornment, my enhancement, my secret treasure which I will unveil. Though you have abided in obscurity, though you have been a principality to princes and vagabonds, I will arise upon your people through the words of my obscure servant. He has been overlooked, and so shall I arise as the one who was despised and rejected by men, but am now exalted from obscurity. The pure metal cannot bond with an alloy. I will not have a mixture, but I turn up the heat to smelt out the pure. How big must a key be, anyway? Great treasures I will unlock, and I will use you as a key. What a shock, what a surprise! Women will cover their mouths as their breath is taken away, and men will guffaw in delight. A plot well planned, well executed, and which comes as a complete surprise… even earns the respect of an enemy. Yet, the enemy of the souls of many will be exposed, and I will plunder his camp to lead away captives. “Little did we know, little did we imagine the elegance and simplicity,” they will exclaim. It is written, “had they known, they would never have crucified the Lord of Glory.” A hidden key in a tiarra, a few silk worm eggs smuggled out of a stronghold, and the world has silk. I will reach into obscurity, bring forth one whom I will burnish as a sword fit for battle, and its two edges will set captives free. Watch now… I come quickly and the results will be breath taking and bring great joy and mirth on the earth.

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Sand you have aplenty. Do you look at the sands of time? The hour glass shows that the hour is late. Who will flip the glass over to continue the time? If the watchman is sleeping, does time stop? If the hour is late, what will you do? People sitting in tents, and in pitiful apartments. Who has a chance? I will give them a chance. I have my message of love and hope on the airwaves. You are surrounded by the message, and I now will multiply… very rapidly. Word of mouth will tell of the Words of my Mouth says the Lord. I will be noised abroad, and who can stop it? No edict, no law of prohibition, no taboo can hold back the wave of life. Can you stop the tide? Will you hold back the sea? Of course not! I come to cell phones in tents, and flat screens in apartments. The tide is moving in, the fire cannot be quenched, the river is rising. Come, be carried away in the ark, or be drowned in the resistance.

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Two knees that were in your back… one was lifted. You had no idea how easily it was to throw off the other, but because of years of pressure, you thought you were still pinned. You are not, I am opening your understanding, I am opening your ears, and the voice of liberty will be shouted throughout your land. Get ready, for I come with clouds and great glory.

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Where oh where has my little lamb gone, where oh where can he be? Will I not go out onto the mountains that are torn with strife, cold, and blood. The blood on the mountains has called out to me, not even knowing my name. I hear and come, for I am the faithful shepherd and I seek to save. And I save to the uttermost. Word has filtered down to many… words and the name you do not know. It has come from foreign tongues, faces, and nations. Some have fought, some reviled, but some have been touched. It is a sure word, and a name above all other names. I look on the hearts of men and women, I behold and ponder. Nothing escapes my gaze, and I winnow. If you will turn, if you will be humble, if you will seek me while I may be found… I AM the one with The Name. The green twig and leaf will venture out again. It is worth it, for the other side is death, darkness, and weeping… it poses as the opposite, yet in your heart you know that the righteous pose is not the posture of the upright in heart. As I knock on the door, do not forget to entertain a stranger, for I am one who sticks closer than a brother.

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United States (pre 2020 election)

What did you come out to see? Are you happy? Is it a reed shaken in the wind? Will I winnow my floor again? Yes, I will. I will winnow thoroughly, and I will burn chaff with unquenchable fire. I will sit upon many with tongues of fire, for I have much to gather in the harvest. Wheat and tares will be separated, and my mighty messengers, flames of fire, are now at work. No nook or cranny will escape my gaze. It is not pretty, but it is necessary. Welcome the fire, welcome the winnowing, come rejoicing, for nothing will be left undone. Great surprises await, and I cannot fully reveal now, but in not many days, I will come in full glory… it is written “As surely as I live, all the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord.” Buy from me eye salve so that you may be able to gaze steadfastly, for prophets saw glimpses, angels desire to look into it, but I reveal myself now in the fullness of time. “This is that, this is that” will be exclaimed as old men dance and old women twirl. The restoration of all things good is at hand… yet a little while and you will behold above and beyond what you have asked for or thought. I will reveal by my Spirit; I will show all soon enough. Suffice it to say, that those just hired will not work but for only an hour.

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Xi Jinping

You are weighed in the balance and found wanting. I will remove you from control, suddenly, as birth pangs come upon a woman heavy with child. The ones who pray for you I have told to cease. You will see in a few days the full impact of having no one to stand in the gap for you. As you stand naked, you will meet the one who wants to dine on you. As your flesh atrophies before your eyes, the physicians will be confounded. All this will come so that you might be saved. It is the last chance for you to come to your senses. Pride goes before a fall, and how great will be your fall if you do not turn from your pride. The blood shed on your watch is crying out to me. The innocent who prayed for you, I heard. As they loved not their lives unto death and so fulfilled my word, now the extended hand of mercy awaits you. As you rose through the ranks, you thought it was meant to be. “Charmed life” was pronounced over you. Now you stand on the stage. Your portraits proliferate. Repent for I come quickly. Turn, for you cannot bear what is coming. He who exalts himself will be abased, but those who have been abased, I will exalt. I tell you, the clapping of hands in joy before the throne of the true sovereign, or the rubbing of hands that anticipate your demise. Choose well.

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